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How To Buy US Dollars at The Best Exchange Rate

If you are off to America, you’ll want to get the best exchange rate for when you buy US Dollars (USD).

Waiting to purchase US Dollars at the airport is a costly mistake, which can mean you have up to 10% less dollars for your pounds.

The best way to buy your dollars is to order them online using a specialist broker, such as the ones listed in our currency comparison table above.

With access to exclusive deals from leading brokers you can be confident you are seeing the best USD exchange rates available for holiday money. Taking advantage of these rates means you’ll have up to $100 extra for every $1000 you buy.

To order US Dollars for travel money enter the amount you wish to order above and see which broker is cheapest. Some brokers offer a delivery service and some offer a pick-up service, so decide which one will suit you best.

If you are looking to make larger payments, greater than $2000 per month or a one-off payment of greater than $5,000 you can compare money transfer brokers using our table here. These rates are even closer to the mid-market exchange rates due to clients ordering larger volumes.

The mid-market usd/gbp exchange rate is what banks and other large financial institutions use when buying and selling currency. This rate is not available to regular customers.

If you know this rate you can use it to work out how much of a margin you are being charged when buying dollars. The closer the rate you ar egiven is to the mid-market rate, the better the deal you are getting.

What are the options when it comes to buying US Dollars?

Ordering travel money online is by far the best way to get access to the best USD rates, if however you cannot do this, we would recommend pre-ordering dollars for collection at an airport bureau de change.

Although these places are the biggest rip-off when buying currency at the airport you do actually get pretty good rates when you order online and pick-up from one of their desks.

You may also want to check out the post office, however this again is going to be significantly more expensive than ordering dollars online.

The one option that we recommend you stay well clear of is purchasing dollars at the airport desk without pre-ordering, this is a sure-fire way to pay far more than you have to.

Compare The Best USD Exchange Rates

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