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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

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About WeSwap’s Currency and Holiday Money Service

WeSwap’s ethos is ‘taking the stress out of currency exchange’, enabling holidaymakers to enjoy a hassle-free way to swap their money to spend abroad. Aimed at intrepid travellers and those seeking holidays on a budget, the WeSwap card is a pre-paid cash card that can be topped up and used anywhere in the world with a Mastercard symbol, including shops, bars and restaurants. The rates are very competitive too, with WeSwap avoiding buying foreign currency from banks and instead, favouring a ‘social currency.

Important points about WeSwap’s service

Up to 18 available currencies

Minimum order value of £200 from an ATM using the WeSwap card

WeSwap charges a fee for changing money, but you can save money by planning ahead. Instant cash is at 1.4% fee, while if you wait a week, the fee is 1%.

You can escape the fees altogether by persuading five friends to sign up to WeSwap.

WeSwap FAQs

  • Does WeSwap buy back currency?

Yes. If you have unused currency after your holiday, you can use the We Swap buy-back system to sell your currency. WeSwap will buy back the currency at the rate of the day of exchange. 

  • Does WeSwap offer a currency card? 

The prepaid travel card is the main draw for those using the WeSwap travel money service. The card can be used for 18 different currencies and can be accepted abroad in shops, restaurants and bars displaying the Mastercard symbol as well as at ATMs abroad.  

  • How does WeSwap offer currency? 

WeSwap holiday money can be topped up on the WeSwap card through their website or via the handy app. 

  • Is WeSwap FCA authorised? 

Yes, WeSwap is fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

  • Do WeSwap take credit card payments, and do they charge a fee? 

No, WeSwap do not accept credit card payments as part of their travel money service.  

  • Can you choose a delivery date with WeSwap? 

Your WeSwap card will be delivered in 3-5 days. 

  • Does WeSwap allow you to amend/cancel an order? 

No, once you have topped up cash onto your WeSwap card, you’ll be unable to amend or cancel your order. 

  • Can you specify denominations with WeSwap? 

As currency is drawn from ATMs or directly from the prepaid card, you’ll be unable to specify denominations.  

  • Do I need to bring ID to collect from WeSwap? 

WeSwap do not offer a click and collect service.

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