7 Truths Of Real Couponers

What was your life like before you became dedicated to couponing? Can you even remember?

Perhaps in some ways it was simpler; always being on the lookout for a deal or a sale doesn’t give you much chance to relax, after all. However, it was also infinitely more expensive. The fact that everything in your life costs less now is worth a little stress now and again.

In fact, you probably can’t ever see a way back to just buying what you want, when you want, with no concern for the cost.

If the above sounds true, then you’ve probably crossed the Rubicon and entered the world of the real couponers of the world. That means at least a few of these are going to sound familiar – how many do you agree with?

1) You Know “Extreme” Couponing Is Nonsense

Popularised by a show but also mentioned plenty online, the idea of extreme couponing is – on the surface – pretty tempting. It involves people filling up their homes with stacks of products, the cost of which they claim – thanks to their coupons – is pretty much zero.

If you’re a true couponer, you know the idea is nonsense. For one thing, these ‘extreme’ methods tend to involve breaking the store rules of coupon usages. For another… who needs that much of one particular product? It’s wasteful in the extreme. It’s also hard to overlook the fact that the majority of ‘extreme’ couponers stockpiles – as they call them – don’t feature the best food in the world. It’s all packaged, high sugar, long expiry items – who wants that to be the way they consume food?

2) You Know Couponing Takes A Lot Of Time

Even if you don’t delve into the ridiculous lengths of the extreme group, there’s no doubt that couponing can be fairly time sensitive. That’s because you have to be on the ball, which means a lot of researching in the hunt for the best deals. You have to be able to check not only the local papers and grocery store fliers, but also the internet, on a regular basis if you’re going to track down today’s top coupons and promo codes to put to use.

It’s time well spent, of course – the returns can be vast, saving you thousands of dollars per year. But you also know you have to work at it rather than expecting the good deals and smart money saving tactics to just fall into your lap.

3) You Know No Shame At The Supermarket

It’s shocking to hear for a seasoned couponer, but some people don’t coupon because they feel embarrassed about it. They don’t want to slow down a busy supermarket scanning individual coupons. There’s probably also a bit of poshness in there, too – the attitude that you shouldn’t be concerned about what you’re paying for items.

But you – you’re an experienced couponer, and you’re well past the idea of being embarrassed. You also have the perfect putdown for any of your fellow shoppers that dare to question how long you are taking: “if you want to pay for my items so I don’t use the coupons, go ahead!”

4) A Good Coupon Is Worth Replicating

If you find a coupon or discount code for an item that you use on a constant basis, then you don’t want to just use it once. Let’s say you have an online discount for a store that you use constantly; it’s for 40% off all items in the sale. So you use it quickly, then a few days later, notice the code is still valid.

Obviously – you have said to yourself on many occasions – it would be ridiculous not to use it again. You’re just going to buy those items anyway! You’re saving the you of the future a fortune, so you go ahead and make a second order. And maybe a third if it’s a really good deal.

5) Self-Serve Tills Are A Nightmare

The one downside of couponing is that it’s not very compatible with the latest in-store technology. Self-serve tills can be tricky to navigate with coupons, meaning you have to spend a long time keying in the details or calling over someone to help. By the time you’ve done that, you realise it would have just been quicker to go to a normal till instead. It’s frustrating – hopefully one day the tech will catch up!

6) Nothing Is Off Limits

Some people might use the little coupons they get with their store card and then nothing further. But you? For you – nothing is off limits. If you spend money on it, then you want to ensure that you get money off it. Everything from clothes through to dog food and as far as your insurance purchases – you want to get something for it.

Of course, this means that you have to put the effort in, running every purchase through comparison sites and scrutinising the results. You know how to stretch your budget and get true value for money.

7) You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Didn’t Use Something

When was the last time you made a purchase that didn’t have an extra benefit? Something that didn’t involve getting points on a store card, some sort of cashback, a coupon, a discount code? In fact, the idea of not being able to at least get something extra beyond the item that you have purchased sounds pretty worrying to you. There’s always a way to make sure there is an extra benefit, even if you have to work hard to find it.

If you can’t remember the last time you paid the full price and didn’t even receive some kind of loyalty incentive, then you have reached the top of the mountain and achieved true couponer status. You know that it’s not the easiest of things to do, but there’s no doubt that the savings are absolutely worth it. You wouldn’t change it, and what’s more, after everything you have achieved with your coupons, your freebies, your cashback, and everything else – why would you even want to?

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7 Truths Of Real Couponers

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