How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt As Fast As Possible

With credit being so accessible these days, many people find themselves carrying their debt from month to month, with no clear view to how they’re going to get out of their rut. Whether your debt is a minor annoyance or a massive financial burden, you’ll obviously want to get out of it as quickly and as easily as possible. Here, we’ve listed just a few of the proven tactics for getting yourself out of debt and back into stable personal finances.

Plug the Leaks

If one of the pipes in your home suddenly sprung a leak, the first thing on your mind would be plugging it as soon as possible. The same principle applies to getting out of debt. If you’ve got so much money constantly flowing out to lenders that you’re struggling to meet your basic needs with what’s left over, then your number one priority needs to be avoiding adding to that debt. One of the quickest ways to lower your spending is to become a cash-only buyer. This may surprise you, but ditching your plastic for a while can be exceedingly effective for getting out of debt. All it takes is enough self-discipline to wave away some of the more pleasurable and frivolous things that you’d usually spend money on. If you really can’t help yourself, shut your credit cards in a drawer somewhere, and save them for emergencies!

Ask Creditors for their Help

You may have snorted at this point, but hear us out. By the time a lot of people find themselves visiting sites like, they will have dodged a number of collection calls from their creditors, considering them to be the enemy. Yes, they want to collect your debts. However, what many people don’t realise is that in a lot of cases, their creditors will be willing to work with them on their outstanding balance, especially if the debtor is going through some kind of major financial hardship outside of their control. In fact, if you explain that you’re currently unemployed, working on lower wages, or facing massive medical bills, some creditors will be willing to waive their interest rate completely. Ideally though, you’ll want to come to creditors asking for help before things get out of hand. Don’t wait until your account is about to be closed due to missed payments, and instead, talk to a creditor about the trouble you see on the horizon.

Give your Budget a Check-Up

Once you’ve put all your credit cards away, and done everything you can to grind down the debt you have, the next thing on your mind should be your personal budget. Start keeping tabs on every cent coming and going out of your accounts, ensuring you get a realistic idea of how much you can pay to lower your outstanding debt. There’s a great article on this at If you’ve been leaning on credit cards for a while, you may be pretty surprised by the reality of your budget. However, if you can’t follow through and stay disciplined, you’re going to stay in debt for a very long time.


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How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt As Fast As Possible

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