Less Stress: Pre-Plan Your Own Funeral

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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Planning for your own financial future is hard enough, but planning for your own funeral? It’s not an easy thing to think about, but preplanning your funeral will take huge amount of stress away from your loved ones and allow them to grieve without the stress of planning your send off.

Before you start to plan your funeral, you’ll need to consider things like the method of disposition, the venue and how you will pay for it. There are plenty of funeral homes who will help you put money aside each month to fund your send off.

Choose burial, entombment or cremation

Each type of disposition has its own benefits, and its own costs. Burials require you to purchase a casket, burial plot, tombstone and burial vault. Cremation is a cheaper alternative as you’ll only need to pay for the service and a container for the process, and an urn for your remains. Make sure you shop around and compare funeral directors so that you don’t get ripped off.

Choose the type of funeral

The decision here is whether you want your body present at the service or not. If you do, then holding a traditional funeral is the way to go, however if not, you can opt for a memorial instead.

Choose the reception style

The plus side of planning your own proceedings is that you can decide the atmosphere of the day. Do you want a traditional send off with readings and poems? Or do you want to create a unique celebration of your life to give your friends and family good memories of the day?

Choosing a funeral home

Don’t feel like you have to choose the closest director to you. Get a feel of the type of people you’ll be working with by the way they act, how open and friendly they are, and the general atmosphere in the building. Choose a director who is willing to help you find the best deals and extras to suit you.

Final touches

Once you’ve sorted out the proceedings and planned the funeral ceremony and disposition, you can look into the wake. A wake usually involves you family gathered in a house or community hall, eating buffet style food and reminiscing about the deceased. You can plan all of this ahead of time and even pre-book caterers for the day to save your family from worry. It also gives you creative control and you can add personal touches that your family will love.

Deciding to prepay

Once you have planned your day, you need to decide how you will pay for it. Paying for your funeral before you pass on is a sure-fire way to help you family through the grieving process and prevent them being landed with unexpected costs. By choosing a prepaid funeral plan, you will be able to control your budget and payments each month to suit you. Another helpful thing is that prepaying will lock in the prices of today, and protect against inflation in prices for items and services.


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