The Best Price Comparison Apps for Shopping on the Go

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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Price comparison websites are all the rage and for a good reason. They help us to be smart consumers and keep as much money to ourselves as possible. However, price comparison while out and about is quite challenging. After all, what you have to go by is the price on the ticket, and nothing else.

Most people make price comparisons when they consider switching energy providers, for example. However, it is now possible to do this for all types of shopping, including your regular grocery shopping. Best of all, you can do this with your mobile device, downloading an app that will act as a barcode scanner. But which app should you choose? Let’s review some of the best ones available, all of which are free.

Amazon Price Check

Amazon Price Check allows you to quickly scan the barcode of a product, speak its name, or take a picture of it, and Amazon will tell you whether they have it for less money. Best of all, if you make your purchase through the app, they will give you an added 5% discount.

Google Shopper

Google Shopper enables you to compare all of the deals on Google, comparing their prices. Like with Amazon, you can use a variety of different methods of making the system find what you need, including by using Motorola Barcode Scanners, for instance. In the results, you will see both the online prices and the retail prices.


ShopSavvy is the original price comparison app, existing long before Google and Amazon even tried to venture into this world. What makes this unique is that it provides you with a ShopSavvy wallet that you can load with money. You can then use this to make a purchase straight away.


When RedLaser was first developed, it was a simple barcode scanner. Today, however, it decodes your barcode, Google searches them and does a whole lot more. For instance, it allows you to research products and compare prices between online retailers and brick and mortar stores. Its latest feature is the addition of ratings and reviews. Furthermore, if you have scanned a book, it will tell you whether a library near you currently has it in stock.


Last but not least, there is PriceGrabber. This app is one of the most popular the world over, not in the least because it has one of the best mobile shopping apps on the market. It focuses solely on online retailers, but it does allow you to type in your in-store price, so it can tell you whether you will be better off shopping online. This is the bargain hunter’s must-have app.

These are by far the best apps out there, regarding being the most downloaded and the best-rated. Which one will be best for you depends on your needs and why you want to compare prices in the first place. However, since all of them are free, nothing is stopping you from just giving them all a try and figuring out which one you like best.

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