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Compare Energy Suppliers And Save Up To £357.45

It’s said that over £1.7 billion per year is wasted by households not switching their energy providers. That’s a huge sum of money and part of it is yours! The truth is, energy prices vary significantly but our energy suppliers comparison tool could save you a fortune.

It’s not always easy to compare tariffs for gas and electricity, but Quote Goat is here to change that with our price comparison site. Finding the best energy deals is quick and easy with our comparison partner Quotezone.

Switch your energy supplier – it’s quick and easy!

It takes no time at all to complete the price comparison process and when it comes to switching provider, it could not be easier. Best of all, our energy price comparison is 100% impartial and free to use.

Which Energy Suppliers Do We Compare?

We compare tariffs from some of the best known energy suppliers in the UK, as well as some up and coming suppliers you may not be aware of yet.

We’ve also carried out reviews for many of the companies you see here, so if you find a quote for the cheapest gas and electricity supplier and want to know more about them before switching your account, read our energy supplier reviews.

What is a dual fuel tariff?

Dual Fuel: it can often be cheaper to get both your electricity and gas from the same energy supplier. If you’ve already been shopping around you’ll have undoubtedly heard the term “dual fuel” already. Our energy tariff comparison system allows you to select between the different options, so you will be able to see the true energy price difference for yourself.

Having dual fuel could also be more convenient for you. Let’s face it, no one likes receiving lots of bills; if you opt for dual fuel you’ll be dealing with just one company and many will offer a single bill for both, saving you time and money.

Please bear in mind that you don’t have to be an existing customer with an energy supplier prior to switching over your other utility. If needs be you can set up a new dual energy account with any supplier, regardless of whether you’ve used them before. Just click to compare energy suppliers, then follow the instructions.

Extra Saving Tips For Energy Bills

  • Dual fuel comparison isn’t the only way to keep your bills to a minimum. Make sure to check both options in the energy supplier comparison form as it can actually sometimes be more expensive than using two separate energy providers.
  • Aside from this, the the obvious way to keep your energy bill low is to carefully monitor your electric and gas consumption. Classics like leaving the lights on, overuse of the tumble dryer, heating the water too high and keeping the central heating on for longer than necessary, all contribute significantly to your energy bill.
  • Switch to low energy light bulbs and potentially consider an upgrade of your white goods if they are old (new white goods are a lot more energy efficient).
  • Being careful with your usage is the number one way to reduce your gas and electric bills. Not only does it save money, but you limit the damage done to the environment by conserving energy where possible.
  • Compare energy suppliers regularly to make sure you are getting the best deal. Prices vary all the time and many providers will offer new customer discounts as a way of building their customer base.

Are there other ways to keep energy costs down?

  • Check your energy meters regularly and know how much energy you are using. Don’t rely on the estimates provided by the energy supplier – you may have a big shock when you receive your bill at the end of the year!
  • Move to paperless billing: opting for online energy billing can knock a big chunk off total energy costs, as much as ten per cent!
  • Say goodbye to prepay options: Prepay is more expensive, so even though you can be charged to move to a billable meter, it will pay off in the long term.
  • Having difficulties paying bills? It’s not uncommon for energy providers to offer financial assistance to people facing financial difficulties. However, you may still save more money by switching using the quote form above
  • Think about how you pay: Direct Debits are the preferred method of payment for utility providers and therefore they incentivise customers to pay using a DD by offering sizeable discounts on your bill
  • Opt for a smaller company: by comparing energy prices you may find that one of the smaller suppliers is offering a better deal; it’s not always best to go for the larger companies.
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