Avro Energy Review

Written by Michael Foote, Insurance and Finance Expert

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Who is Avro Energy?

One of the most recent players to enter the energy market, Avro Energy opened for business in December 2015. Based in in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, the brand has been quietly building its customer base by offering bill-busting deals.

Still very much in the ‘unproven’ category, time will tell whether the company can cope with the escalating customer service demands that a growing customer base can bring.

The brand is definitely making waves in the pricing market though – regularly appearing amongst the cheapest suppliers in comparison tables. Which? named it among its Top five cheapest energy deals for November 2017. Which? picked out Avro’s Simple and Better fixed tariff and noted customers would save £260 if switching from British Gas.

The brand’s mission?

“We’re putting power back in the hands of consumers, providing a different approach to simplistic supply.”

What does Avro Energy charge?

Avro Energy has been consistently popping up on comparison sites as the cheapest option for many households. While it undoubtedly offers competitive prices, it has been noted that Avro has also been quick off the block when it comes to taking customers’ money. Some direct debits have been taken before the physical supply has started – leaving customers paying upfront for their energy. A dig into the brand’s finances suggests they are cash poor and that these transactions are, in effect, providing the working capital for Avro to operate. If that’s ringing alarm bells but you’re still keen to reduce your bills, Ofgem is the answer.

In the event that an energy supplier goes out of business, Ofgem guarantees continuity of supply, moves customers to the best possible deal elsewhere and transfers any debit/credit balance to the new account.

Avro Energy says it can save customers up to £300 on their bills and crucially doesn’t impose any exit or cancellation fees.

How is the Avro Energy customer service?

Avro Energy hasn’t yet been under Which? magazine’s trusty microscope, but there is a wealth of reviews online from customers who’ve taken the plunge and switched to this fledgling company.

Nearly two years in and it’s very much a mixed bag of results for the brand. The plus points are that it operates a UK-based call centre and appears to have quick response times. However, being so new, it’s yet to rack up any data with Ofgem – the government regulator for the electricity and gas markets or other similarly trusted experts.

On TrustPilot, the brand has an average score of 3/5, with customer quotes including:

‘Have been with the company over 12 months. Switching to them was easy and wished I could have switched earlier as I am saving a lot of money.’

‘Avro is fairly new. If they want to grow in a highly competitive market they should look long and hard at their Customer Service Operation.’

‘Utterly appalling company. Lull you in with a good deal then increase the charges massively and make it difficult for you to challenge them.’

What tariffs do they offer?

There are a huge range of sub-tariffs on offer at Avro Energy, depending on your postcode. You can look at all of the tariffs – but on first glance this can be an overwhelming amount of information. The simplest way to see if Avro can save you money is to use an online price comparison chart.

From there it appears the Simple and Fixed tariff will save many households money. On this tariff Avro fixes prices for 12 months. You can also get an individual quote to make a direct comparison with your current supplier.

A few caveats to keep in mind, if you’re looking for gas only – Avro Energy doesn’t currently offer this is an option. Prepayment meter customers aren’t catered for and the company isn’t currently signed up to the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

How green is Avro Energy?

Avro Energy has yet to publish where it gets its fuel from. Without knowing the percentages of gas, coal, renewable and nuclear fuel it uses, it’s hard to establish just how green Avro Energy is.

It’s worth knowing that a Fuel Mix Disclosure should be published annually – by ALL energy companies. As Avro Energy has been trading since 2015, we’d have expected at least one published breakdown of fuel sources at this point.

Avro Energy in summary?

It looks like there’s definitely money to be saved with Avro Energy – if you can put your faith in a very new and very untested company. That said, with nearly two years of experience under its belt it should have learned from any teething troubles it encountered in the early days.

If you’re not keen to be an energy supply guinea pig for this newcomer to the marketplace, Avro might be a company to sit back and watch. If the deals are still as good in 12 months’ time, the customer service shows improvement, and their Fuel Mix Disclosure appeases you, Avro Energy might well be a wise move.

Avro Energy Review
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5 thoughts on “Avro Energy Review

  1. Quite possibly the worst Customer Service and Energy Company ever

    Thiscompany has to be the worst and most understaffed company ever. Average wait time to get through to customer service is 30 minutes and then whilst enquiring why you have not received your refund you are informed that they had ‘lost’your account (even though I can clearly see it online) and were waiting for me to contact them!! Contacted them and am still waiting for my refund after having being assured that my money would be with me by a vague Monday or Tuesday and then an actual date the money is still not with me. I was introduced to this company by Flipper and would strongly suggest that you refuse to be Flipped to Avro. Now going to get through to the Ombudsman.

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  2. Avoid Avro at all costs

    The customer service has to be the worst that I have experienced. It’s almost impossible to get through on their phones. Took me over an hour as was constantly thrown off and cut off. To get a refund of credit you have to apply be email. I am £225 in credit after being with them for 6 months over winter. I applied for a rebate of £100. It was agreed however six weeks on I still have not been refunded. They say there was a technical error and promised it again. Still no sign of the money. It’s clear from reading other reviews that this is common practice. I would not touch them with a barge pole. I am getting Witch’s legal dept to assist me. It’s frightening to read they block you leaving and that people cannot get their credit months afterwards. Avoid at all costs

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  3. Terrible customer service

    Following a bereavement we stayed with Avro. How I wish we hadn’t. Insisting on continuing with £129 a month payments despite the house being empty and using no gas whatsoever for the last 3 months, and barely any electricity. When challenged on the phone they were argumentative and unhelpful and their complaints department wasn’t much better. Insisted that it needs to stay high despite the monthly meter readings. They would override this for a couple of months at a time then it would revert back to the high price. Takes several calls/emails to lower it and much stress and time spend waiting on hold. Add to that they estimate the bills despite the monthly meter readings, and we are paying well over £12 a month on standing charges alone.
    Of all the companies we have contacted since my dad died, this has been well and truly the worst.

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  4. Horrendous

    Horrendous customer service
    We ended up with a balance on the account of £500 and a real struggle to get them to refund any money.
    When I cancelled the direct debit they threatened to charge an arrears payment despite the account being £200 in credit (monthly charges being under £100).
    On changing providers the account was finally left with over £140, and I’m still fighting to have it returned to our account. Promises of ‘by the end of the week’ we’re not honest, and still we wait.
    We would not recommend this company at all.

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