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cardiff energy supply review

Company Name: Cardiff Energy

Company Description: A gas only supplier set up to address the higher charges paid by prepayment customers.

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It’s great to see an energy company created to address a problem of inequality whereby prepayment customers were paying signficantly more than customers paying by direct debit, it’sthe sutff we love at Quote Goat. Although CESL operate at a low profit they still manage to support a charity too.

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Who Is Cardiff Energy?

This Cardiff based gas provider is made up of direct employees, directors and managers whom all live and work in Cardiff, or at least in commuting distance. Established in May 2014 by an owner who had fallen ill, and despite having his own building business, found relying on benefits soon turned into a financial difficulty.

After being victim to the inequality of the energy industry after unpayable gas and electricity bills mounted up, the founder of Cardiff energy decided to set up to rebalance the scales.

After realising that a pre-payment meter meant that gas per/kWh bills were on average 40% higher than direct debit payments, something had to be done to help those who were struggling to pay their energy tariffs, especially when it is through no fault of their own.

A £300 debt to an energy company is estimated to take approximately 106 weeks (just over 2 years) to pay the money back. Cardiff Energy’s USP is to offer low cost energy and deliver great customer service whilst making sure UK energy customers aren’t intentionally overcharged for their consumption. Cardiff energy supply is an alternative option to other energy companies by helping boycott high prices, unfair terms and bad service.

Their Values

Cardiff Energy aim to deliver low prices as well as great service to every customer, each and every time. They adhere to be honest and completely upfront in all aspects of their business. Fairness to both customers and staff is a high priority for the Welsh based firm and they claim to treat all their customers with respect, especially in regard to their data.

Customer Reviews

A simple online search seems to divide customer reviews directly down the middle with a mix of five and one stars. Whilst some customers state that switching was simple, they received great value for money and excellent service, others have suffered “deceitful and shameful customer service” and have lost money because of the supplier.

As a customer for personal use you can compare Cardiff Energy’s pricing against leading energy providers using our home energy comparison service. If you are a business, feel free to get a business energy quote.

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