iSupply Energy Review

Written by Michael Foote, Insurance and Finance Expert

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iSupply Energy Review
iSupply_Energy reviews

Company Name: iSupply Energy

Company Description: As the name suggests iSupply Energy do just that.

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Who is iSupply Energy?

2012 saw iSupply breaking into the British energy market. In the years since, it’s made a name for itself as one of the fastest growing energy brands in the mix. Consistently cheap prices and a no-nonsense approach to energy supply has seen customers switching away from larger players in the market to this smaller outfit. Previously British-owned and based in Dorset, iSupply was bought by the European energy company Vattenfall in June 2017. With just 120,000 customers, iSupply is not going to be troubling the ‘Big 6’ just yet, but with the might of Vattenfall behind it, that could all change.

iSupply, along with a number of other energy suppliers, hit the headlines in October 2017 when it was revealed it was allowing customers to build up large debts. Listed amongst the ‘worst offenders’, iSupply let its customers reach the highest levels of debt, with figures amounting to a staggering £1,143 in some cases.

The brand’s mission?

“We can’t change the world but we’re trying the best we can to at least make it a bit better for you. Cheaper energy, easily managed and everything you need at your fingertips.”

What does iSupply Energy charge?

iSupply’s biggest strength has been its low energy prices. Before 2016, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal. The looming threat of Brexit has had an effect and this has seen iSupply slipping quietly out of the price comparison tables. Still, it claims to be the cheapest supplier in many parts of the UK, and its rates are still hugely competitive.

iSupply makes some big claims when it comes to its iFix tariff. It says it’s the cheapest tariff for 83% of electricity customers – but as with all energy suppliers, it pays to put some leg work in and do some quick sums to see if this applies to you as well.

How is the iSupply Energy customer service?

iSupply Energy’s customer service record is patchy online. Based in Bournemouth, the company puts each energy account in the hands of its customers. Everything is done online – from submitting meter readings to making payments and checking bills. When it works, it seems to be smooth sailing. If there’s a hitch? That seems to be when iSupply’s customer service department lets the brand down.

It came 8th out of 23 energy companies in the 2016 Which? Customer Survey (8,917 respondents), receiving a customer score of 70% – the highest being 78%.

Despite this, online reviews suggest customers are struggling to get complaints resolved and the stats back that up. Which? reports that iSupply had “one of the worst rates for complaints resolution in the first half of 2016”.

On TrustPilot, the brand has an average score of 3/5, with customer quotes including:

‘I unfortunately inherited when I moved into a new house. iSupply have an appalling website, a terrible customer service line (regularly on hold for 30+ minutes) and frankly very unhelpful staff.’

‘Good on price, not so good on communications.’

‘Very poor experience with this company who continually fail to respond in a timely [manner] to my Customer service issues.’

What tariffs does iSupply Energy offer?

iSupply offers customers various options, including dual fuel rates – along with individual electricity and gas tariffs. Things are kept fairly simple, with iSupply offering two main tariffs alongside a prepay alternative.

  • iFix – Guaranteed prices over a fixed term. Protection from any price rises during that time. £30 exit fee.
  • iVariable – Energy prices could increase or decrease. No termination fee. Ability to switch tariffs at any time.
  • iPrepay – Pay as you go via pre-payment meter. No termination fee. Emergency credit ensures you have enough energy until you next top up.

How green is iSupply Energy?

iSupply Energy gets its fuel from these sources:

32% gas

17% coal

24% renewable

24% nuclear

3% other

(Jan 2017)

The UK average is 24.3% for renewable energy, so iSupply Energy just about holds its own here – in terms of green credentials. The above percentages are still heavily weighted towards fossil fuel supplies, so iSupply has a long way to go before it can truly claim to be an eco-energy provider.

iSupply Energy in summary?

iSupply is a no frills supplier who likes to keep things simple. Costs are kept down and, providing everything runs smoothly, this cheap and cheerful supplier should be a no brainer. Alarm bells start ringing however when you take in to account the number of online reviewers who are currently in the midst of a customer service wrangle with the brand. Add in the recent news reports of customers being allowed to rack up considerable debts, and iSupply’s appeal starts to wane.

Our view? Keep this one bookmarked and see how the buyout by European energy giant Vattenfall plays out. A few tweaks here and there could see iSupply pulling its socks up and regaining its place as a real contender for cheap energy bills.

2 thoughts on “iSupply Energy Review

  1. AVOID this company at all costs.

    My problems started when my Economy 7 meter developed a fault and needed to be replaced. However iSupply consistently said I had an Economy 10 meter. Now I should know what type of meter I have, I have lived at my property for 20 years and was here when the Economy 7 meter was installed. I took photos and sent them to iSupply. I took requested readings at different times of the day which proved that I had a two-rate Economy 7 meter – during the day, only the DAY reading would move. At night, only the LOW reading would change. However, iSupply refused to accept this.
    They arranged to send an engineer to visit to check the meter. No-one showed up. This was rearranged. The engineer who attended took one look and said it was an Economy 7 meter and he didn’t know what iSupply was playing at.
    STILL they didn’t believe it. Eventually I referred my complaint to the Energy Ombudsman. As soon as they were involved, iSupply quickly changed their tune and arranged to replace the faulty Economy 7 meter. I was also awarded compensation.
    Things didn’t end there though: for the first appointment, no-one showed up. For the second appointment, the engineer showed up – with an Economy 10 meter which iSupply had instructed him to fit! Fortunately the engineer saw common sense and replaced the meter with an Economy 7 he had in stock.
    Saga ended, I have now switched supplier from iSupply. Frankly they could offer me free electricity for the year and I wouldn’t go back to them. They are hard to contact, they take no ownership of issues they create, their customer service is awful. Anyone considering switching to them – DON’T.

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    Avoid them at ALL costs. Another taken over company ripping off people at every opportunity. Total rubbish

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