Scottish Power Review

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Scottish Power Review
scottishpower energy

Company Name: Scottish Power

Company Description: Scottish Power provides energy to both domestic and business customers

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Who is ScottishPower?

One of the most prominent energy suppliers in the UK, ScottishPower was established in 1901 and is now one of the Big Six power companies. It is now part of the Iberdola Group, a world leader in wind energy and one of the largest energy companies in the world. The company supplies over five million household and business customers, and boasts competitive tariffs and products. ScottishPower is run from its main office in Glasgow, Scotland, with over 9,000 employees.

With a focus on innovation and investment in renewable energy, ScottishPower is aiming to build a future that relies on sustainable energy. It recently scored 7th place in the uSwitch Energy Awards.

ScottishPower is also perhaps best known for its partnerships with various charities, particularly Cancer Research. Working with the charity since 2012, it has raised more than 15 million for the organisation, and even created a Help Beat Cancer energy tariff.

What does ScottishPower charge?

ScottishPower is comparable in terms of pricing to the other Big Six competitors. While recent price hikes earlier this year have had an impact on the company, ScottishPower has endeavoured to find the most favourable tariffs for its customers. There is a good choice of variable and fixed tariffs for consumers, with plenty of options for those using dual fuel.

ScottishPower has recently announced that from 2018, it will stop rolling customers onto standard tariffs when their fixed tariff has ended. Instead, they’ll ensure that their customers will be offered new fixed-rate tariffs.

How is the ScottishPower customer service?

ScottishPower is not looked upon favourably in terms of customer service, with ratings dropping over the last few years. In the annual Which? customer survey, rated by 8,917 members of the public, it was one of the lowest ranked energy suppliers. This isn’t much of an improvement from the previous year, when the brand ranked second from bottom.

However, while customer service leaves a little to be desired, ScottishPower is renowned for its short telephone waiting times. In fact, it was the fastest of the Big Six to pick up the phone, with customers waiting around four minutes on average. One of the brand’s initiatives is a call-back scheme, offering to return customer’s phone calls during busy periods to save them having to hold.

On TrustPilot, the company has a bad score of 0.3 out of ten. Customer quotes include:

“This is the worst customer service I have ever had”

“Had a smart meter installed and it has never worked”

“Terrible at communication.”

What tariffs does ScottishPower offer?

There are currently seven main tariffs with Scottish Power, indicating enough choice for customers.

The standard and standard online tariffs are variable rates, meaning the price could go up and down. Customers can choose from paper billing or online. Standard prepayment is also an option. A fixed price tariff is set until October 2018. However, only monthly direct debit is allowed as a payment option – making this plan restrictive for some. An energy account app is supplied for ease of account management on this tariff.

The Online Fixed Saver runs until April 2018 and enables online billing for dual fuel and single fuel plans. There are also two other fixed tariffs benefitting from the same deal, with different payment methods.

ScottishPower’s charity ‘Help Beat Cancer’ tariff is a special range made up of six different plans and guarantees fixed rates until April 2019. For each month that customers are billed, ScottishPower donates money to Cancer Research UK. There are no early termination fees for this tariff.

How green is ScottishPower?

ScottishPower’s electricity is generated from:

36% gas

34% coal

26% renewable

3% nuclear and

1% other

The UK average is at 24.3% for renewable energy, and Scottish Power are exceeding this average.

One of ScottishPower’s missions is to find more eco-friendly ways of generating energy for the future. The company is committed to cleaner energy, with less reliance on nuclear energy and a focus on renewable sources. It has the capability to offer 100% wind-generated electricity as well as contributing funds towards environmental and educational energy products in many of the UK’s communities.

ScottishPower in summary? 

While ScottishPower doesn’t offer excellent price comparison alongside its Big Six competitors, the brand is dedicated to focusing on an eco-friendly future. Aiming to find a way to generate energy from renewable sources, its forward-thinking enterprises and community projects attract customers. Unfortunately, customer service is rated particularly poorly, although the complaints that are made tend to be dealt with within a short time frame.

One of ScottishPower’s main draws is its charitable status with the inclusion of the ‘Help Beat Cancer’ tariff in conjunction with Cancer Research. In the last five years, this has helped raise over 15 million for Cancer Research and is a testament to a community-minded way of working.

26 thoughts on “Scottish Power Review

  1. Absolute nightmare.

    Absolute nightmare! Wish I had never contacted this company to supply my electricity. Have been trying to have my single phase meter registered on the national database. Since August 2017 I have contacted SPower on a regular basis to no avail. In November 2017 I opened a case with Ombudsman service, but they tell me they are powerless to do anything. I was sent an email from Graham Taylor complaints Advisor Scottish power on 29Jan 2018 that my meter had been updated ECEOS. Again back to square one it had not been done. Contacted SPower asked for Taylor, guess what he is never available for comment. No apologies received! Rang again today Scottish power told me there is nothing more they can do to resolve the matter. I’m been held to ransom as I can’t switch supply to another company because my meter is not registered on the Database. I’m paying top rate too. This government keep telling people to switch suppliers and save £’s. Scottish power are a bunch of crooks I advise anyone to avoid this company at all costs.

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  2. Scottish Power Making Me Unwell

    I have been getting unwell from the stress of dealing with them
    When I bought my flat in Glasgow I had an official letter from Scottish Power saying that the meter installed had to be changed. I arranged an appointment and took time off work. The installer said he couldn’t fit the meter he had been told to. Meanwhile I had phoned Scottish Power with initial meter readings, however they would not accept them as I only had 2 readings and they said there were meant to be 3. I asked other people to check and there were only 2. Therefore the person I spoke to said to set up and estimated payment for a 3 bedroom flat, and I paid around £100 per month. I was unable to set up a direct debit because the proper meter readings would not be accepted by Scottish Power as there were only 2 and they wanted 3, which was very frustrating.
    Then a little over a year ago someone came in and looked at the meter. Suddenly I had a bill for about £7000! I was in shock and complained about the dreadful way everything was being handled. Someone arranged for a visit and a friendly person came to the flat and said the wrong type of meter had been installed and would arrange for another and then an estimate of how much power would be taken over a period with anything owed on a low rate. I couldn’t take another day off work so a friend let the meter installer in. I presumed this had been done and that someone would follow up my previous problem, but I suddenly find a bill for £11000 several months later. After sleepless nights I finally got a response and found out they couldn’t install a smart meter again. There had been no continuity in handling my complaint and no care about a customer, just a ridiculous bill. Someone new was handed my complaint and I had to go through the whole situation again. He couldn’t seem to understand the problem properly, which was frustrating to say the least. He finally arranged a new meter to be installed which I am waiting for, although I’m doubtful whether it is the right type as he seemed totally clueless. He said he needed to cancel my current complaint and I would have to open another when it was installed. This did not seem right but he said it was best. The next day I have an overdue bill of over £11000 and a mark has been made against my credit score! Outrageous! I phoned and someone said the complaint shouldn’t have been cancelled and they reopened the complaint.
    I haven’t slept properly in months with the stress and have been unwell as a result, but Scottish Power don’t seem to care. I was hardly even in the flat the first year I was there and paying £100 a month for a 3 bedroom flat seems reasonable. I tried to sort out the initial reading when I moved in but they wouldn’t take it because of the wrong meter problem. I have done everything i could to get things sorted from the start but they did nothing. Now they are trying to charge a ridiculous amount of money which would amount to several thousand per year more than I was paying. Even estimating my previous usage is ridiculous. They should get the proper meter installed and start my payments from when the correct device is there. I paid a decent amount monthly before and any money they are asking for based on their mistakes should be cancelled and start fresh from now.
    I hope this comes as a nightmare warning for anyone thinking about using Scottish Power. They should have the decency after all the stress they have caused me to cancel any money owed until the correct meter is installed. It is their fault it was not done in the first place.

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  3. Scottish Power condemned our boiler

    Scottish Power condemned our boiler. We paid for boiler cover every month. Their engineer from a company called Rightio inspected our five year old boiler and conveyed the message that our boiler should be condemned back to Scottish Power.
    They left us without hot water or heating.
    British Gas came out to look at the boiler and fixed it within five minutes. No parts were required.
    Brilliant service from British Gas.
    Terrible service from Scottish Power and Rightio.

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  4. I cannot imagine a worse level of service quality, awful awful awful, 4th day on the phone trying to reach them on the phone, hours from my life have been stolen!

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  5. Absolutely awful. My gas has been off for several weeks now and it still hasn’t been sorted out. The worst company I’ve ever dealt within my life. They’ve been an absolute disgrace, and I’m furious.

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  6. One star this absolutely too much.
    Choosing this company we made the biggest mistake.
    We used this company for a year and we never understood their settlements.
    They collected from our account the amounts they wanted and when they wanted to argue that they did not want us to have too much money to pay at the end of the year and when we changed the supplier, they sent us finally £ 300 to pay.
    Wanting to avoid conversations with them (and so everyone said something else) we paid the amount just to get rid of this company.
    That’s why I’m warning everyone now if you have respect for your own money, run away from Scottish Power

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  7. Dodgy

    This company has harassed us with threatening calls for 5 years. We have never been supplied power by this company yet they continue to send us bills and call us to chase them. We are with EDF energy and have never been customers of Scottish Power. How they got our details in the first place I will never know. I don’t know how many times I need to pick up the phone from them and tell their incompetent staff the same thing. Take me off the system – it’s not hard but they can’t seem to manage that! I’ll probably receive another call in 2 months time. It’s just ridiculous. The same conversation will happen again ‘yes we will take you off the system’ but I’ve had that conversation at least 10 times already. It sounds like they are doing something dodgy. For example, if they made the same threatening call that they are making to us to a vulnerable/elderly person, that person might make a payment on the phone in error! What they are doing is fraud – sending us fake bills and threatening debt collectors. This company is incompetent and untrustworthy. They should be shut down. Avoid them like the plague.

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  8. Totally decimated my credit rating and life.

    Literally no idea where to start. I was switched to Scottish Power by OFGEM after the collapse of Extra Energy. I immediately switched to EDF with a DD amount of £89. So was with Scottish Power for 33 days during the switch, for which they sent me a bill for £224. Which is literally double the cost of our gas/electric any other given month that we have been in this property (4 years) and well over double our DD since with EDF and and we are currently £167 in credit with EDF. So I have written to Scottish Power by recorded delivery letter 6 times, the only ever response being another copy of a bill with wrong start and finishing meter readings, and impossible thing for them to have gauged, given they never approached the property for a reading after the collapse of Extra Energy and have never been on the property EVER. Now, after ignoring all my letters they have not only set a debt collector on me, they have also put the first ever Default marker on my Experian report, dropping my report 467 points, instantly taking my credit rating from “perfect”, to “very poor”. I am 47 year old very successful individual who can well afford the £224, but principles do not allow me to pay unjustified extortionate bills, seemingly plucked out of mid air. I have NEVER missed any payment for anything .
    Yet these people have literally decimated my credit rating over night. If I lived in Scotland, I would be at their head office door until this got sorted, although to be honest, I may take the trip anyway.

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  9. Never experienced such a rubbish energy company!

    How difficult can it be to give a company meter readings? We are on Economy 7 and have to give 2 meter readings. I tried to do this on the app but have not idea which box to put which reading in. I contacted “live chat” who finally respond 6 hours later. I am asked to take more readings. Morning and evening. That isn’t good enough so now I have to take readings 4 times a day. I know which reading is which but they won’t accept it. It has been a week since I first contacted support and they still haven’t accepted my opening readings and won’t send anyone to do the reading themselves.

    This company is a total waste of time.

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  10. absurd

    Scottish Power is by far the worst company I’ve ever encountered, ever! The amount of stress and anger you’ll get from dealing with them is just surreal. My case is long (like the ones below my review) and boring. Two months of struggle: calling, mailing, meter reading and still in progress. I just can’t wait to sort everything out (not going to pay imaginary bills) and move the f*** away from them. DON’T EVER EVEN CONSIDER THEM AS YOUR ENERGY SUPPLIER, JUST DON’T. Choose any other company but please don’t even consider them. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and most of all your mental health.

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    AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID Unfortunately not able to give minus stars.
    Without doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with. Have sent me 15 bills in the past 6 weeks all showing different amounts. Made several phone calls to them to find out how much I actually owe. None of their staff were able to help and was told that they’re putting a hold on my account so that they can investigate. One week later a get a letter from debt collectors.

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  12. Should be zero stars - I've had similar problems when leaving SP

    Should be zero stars – I’ve had similar problems when leaving SP

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  13. [email protected]

    Poor service , they contacted me regarding a smart meter fitting , We received text and e mails regarding the date and time of fitting ! 8am till 12pm time agreed . E mail this morning to state meter to be fitted . No body came to fit , waited till 12 .45 tried to contact customer service told by message 1 hour 45 min wait . Contacted Amey who were to fit , who informed there was nothing on their system , tried to contact through originally contacted me to be told it’s nothing to do with them . Shocking communication and service , rang for customer service to contact still waiting after well. Over an hour , when message stated 34. To 50 mins wait

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  14. I would strongly avoid

    Tryed to get a gas meter changed, spoke with someone who said they could not book it so would send me a letter with a date (Which never got sent after I chased) managed to book an appointment with someone that did not seem to know what they were doing, so I called back the next day to confirm the date (Which had suddenly changed date).

    Now that I had no confidence, I have called back an additional 3 occasions to check the status, first call the appointment date changed date, second hung up on me, third told me it had been cancelled, luckily my last call was the day before the appointment so at least I did not waste a day off work.

    Booked the change with the national grid instead. I would strongly recommend not using them, especially if you need to contact them.

    I don’t normally complain, but I have purposefully created an account on here just to let people know how bad they really are.

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  15. Trying to leave but get daily calls and hang ups to stay.

    Left a previous review about how appalling Scottish Power’s customer service is. Im now in the process of changing to another supplier and I now get daily calls and when I do speak to someone they just hang up when you tell them your not interested.

    Just have a feeling they will do anything to mess up the switch somehow now. Ill keep you posted

    Completely unacceptable all round.

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  16. zero customer service

    Scottish power site has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Almost impossible to contact by phone and the website is possibly the worst I have experienced. Only got 1 star because you can’t put a zero.

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  17. Awful

    If I could score this company a zero I would. What an awful company. They have messed up both my gas and electricity bills and are over charging me by £600. I have tried to discuss the problem with incorect meter readings with customer services and they go round in circles, asking me to repeat things time and time again. Only to be put on hold and then asked the same questions. This is a joke

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  18. Avoid!!!

    AVOID! Unless you want to stay on hold for at least an hour every time you call, no matter what option you choose!

    Spelt my name wrong on bills (called them once after being on hold for 96 minutes, got an apology and was told this would be amended).

    Get another letter with my name still spelt wrong (spent 56 minutes to get hold of them again to be apologised to again and said that this would be changed) – got a 3rd letter with the wrong name — why bother I just left it.

    Waited 2 weeks for an electric key – had to go to a shop and get a non supplier key.

    Got a gas bill for £39 – I live in a studio flat and have been there for a week at that! And the bill had the wrong meter readings on – EVEN though I gave them 2 (one as soon as I moved in and the next the following week). Wonder what happens to the data we give, if they are not storing data correctly, there while data protection should be reviewed.

    Had a prepay gas meter installed, which they put £10 on until the card arrived, and a week later no card, no heating, and I’m disabled and on the priority register list.

    I’m on the phone to them now and my call time says 78 minutes (to just ask where my card is!)

    I’ve changed to Bulb who are cheaper and seem to be a ‘proper’ company, where I’ve not had to phone as many times and when I have have not held for longer than 5 minutes.

    I’m sitting in the freezing cold, as this company is so incompetent, and this is someone who is on the priority list as disabled – gosh knows what the service is like for others! I’m having to go and stay at relatives until they send me a card!!!

    A joke company, with such incompetenece.

    I should have really googled the reviews for the company – 1 STAR!!!

    Please save yourself the stress and go with anyone BUT Scottish Power.

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  19. Total lack of interest in customer care

    I’ve had an active complaint since December 2019 (it’s now May 2020). They haven’t billed me since June 2019, and the complaints team appears utterly incapable of both resolving my issue and offering the slightest shred of meaningful customer care. I’ve spent hours upon hours on the phone to them and even following a change of meter Scottish Power can’t make a resolution. They are unbelievably terrible. Please, please avoid this company !!!!

    And please, Scottish Power, DO NOT send a reply to this complaint stating ‘You’re sorry to hear about this’ or other such nonsense. You’ve known about it for five months and done nothing, so please refrain from appearing to care. If you resolved complaints as voraciously as you reply to these reviews there would be fewer complaints to handle… Just a thought.

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  20. Extortionists

    Haven’t lived in my flat for 3 months, I have evidence of the drastic drop in my flat’s energy consumption and I can even pull up CCTV footage that I was not living in my flat if I need to. But I was recently slapped with a £137 monthly electricity bill for a one bedroom flat that has not been lived in for 3 months. I’m trying to sort the problem out with Scottish power but before solving the problem they’ve already sent me a letter saying they will send debt collectors. Extortionists. I’m a student, I can’t afford stupidly overpriced electricity. Such a terrible company.

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  21. Bills before I moved to the house

    I moved to a new house first time with my partner the 10th of June. We received a bill from 1st of May to 8th of June to MY NAME despite I wasn’t living there in May.
    After 1 hour of calls, I am told to forget about it because I do not have to pay that. That is okay, anyone makes mistakes.
    Now, we received the June bills and… surprise: letter says we still must pay the May bill! So I wasted 1 hour for nothing and I still “have to pay” that bill.
    Then I have called again and the answer is I will have to call again in a few days to confirm they are cancelling the May bill and recalculating my bill.
    Dissapointing, time waster and non-professional.
    You will fing this review in other websites and social media. Bye!

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    Been with SP for donkeys years customer service always good until ….. about 26 months ago when they decided customers dont rely matter because were one of the ‘top five’
    Since then They have systematically changed and done everything thing they can to avoid any contact with their customers. They ignore ling established dd payment dates and request dd payment when they feel like it. Try to phone them? you will either give up at 45 minutes of waiting or if you dont they WILL cut you off.
    They SP have deliberately changed their online account website at least 3 times in the last year, each time making it more difficult to navigate each time to the point were all you can actually do is enter meter readings in the hope that 3 days later you will get an up to readings bill…if you can actually access it ! If they say they will call/email you back in direct response and with full knowledge of your query…… try not to choke in your tears if laughter ……. anything else?…… lo and behold you try to change suppliers! …. should be easy……you give SP your readings you give new supplier your readings and hey ho end bill new supplier…..all good and dandy….. if you had hair at the beginning at the end of your transfer it will be torn out and wrapped around your fingers…….
    Oh my goodness I may have come across as a bit angry? …..20 years ….so much for customer loyalty… I know those days are gone BUT …..surely customer service?? ….were paying them ! We have choices now !!
    Thus endeth my rant ….. I thankyou I thankyou……readers NOT NOT SP!!!!

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  23. Absolutely inept and disgusting

    After being a loyal Scottish Power customer for decades, I made the mistake of falling for a deal a rep offered whilst I visited a supermarket. Same company, but a new different, cheaper account.

    Over a year later, I still cannot submit meter readings as the account is “still in the process of being moved over.”

    Also received another shock: my monthly direct debit has gone up by £150, despite our usage not changing. In a household with three disabled people on benefits, this was hard to take.

    Have decided to move over to another supplier, but was told that I owed £470.49. Dug into my meagre savings to pay this…and had this amount deducted twice from my account. Called customer services, was told to take it up with my bank. Called my bank, was told to take it up with Scottish Power.

    Called Scottish Power today (Tuesday 21st July at 12:15pm) and was told that their customer services was closed.

    Avoid this company at all costs!!!

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  24. Please stay clear of this company

    I’ll keep this one brief. They are incapable, incompetent and unreliable to the the extreme. Please don’t be tempted to use this company, take the advice of all the bad reviews. These are all accurate representations of the experience you will face.

    I left them 10 months ago now. I’ve had a complaint ongoing for years. They have just taken £500 from me for no reason. You can’t talk about your complaint, they have to call you back.

    On numerous occasions including this one they have given me timed slots to call back and not phoned me. Later claiming they had tried despite me having full signal and sitting by the phone.

    They have promised me things such as: “we will keep you up to date”, “we will not take money until you are happy with complaint resolution and they have discussed with me”. At first I assumed each let down was a mistake, I have now reached the conclusion they are purposely misleading customers in the hope they “go away”.

    I just want this complaint to be resolved fairly, but more than that now I believe people need to be aware of how bad this company is dealing with issues. Please take this advise- stay clear.

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  25. An Abysmal Energy Company

    Like the other 95% of 1 star reviews on this site, I have had a similar dismal experience with Scottish Power. This company needs to be Ashamed, thoroughly ashamed of their Pathetic level of customer service. If I could take them to a court to sue i would, but these big companies with their crooked lawyers would prevent me. I have spent over 106 hours without central heating or hot water. Under a Boiler care plan SP have sent out the wrong engineer (came to fix a radiator !) causing more delay another 24 hours later, a gas engineer who could not fix the boiler. A report then went to SPower claims department, who after repeated calls to them, did not reply, communicate with me in any way for the whole weekend 48 hours ! no matter how many times I called same shitty excuse after shitty excuse, no one calls back to update or move the claim forward. Meanwhile, no heating ,no boiler, my mother who is disabled, over 70, a vulnerable person has had to survive all this, SP you are a bunch of heartless idiots leaving a household with an ill person with no heating for 72 hours, 3 days ! Only on Monday morning, after contacting resolutions, did I finally receive a call back from claims who explained to me that our Bosch boilers are not covered by SP and cover has been cancelled, this has caused me and my family stress and discomfort. I have complained in writing and still received no apology or reply. Such a moronic, incompetent level of service is inexcusable, I want my premium refunded and will appoint a new insurer. Scottish Power is utter rubbish !

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