Thrifty Talks: Managing Your Money When Moving House

Who knew moving house could be so expensive? Moving to a bigger house down the street is stressful enough as it is, and our savings sure seem to disappear fast enough as it is, but some people actually manage to move across the country for the same amount. They may even be spending less on it as they’ve read up on the many ways to stop the constant flow of expenses.

Here’s how they did it so that you can wrap up the last moving tasks and start saving for the new household bills immediately – with all the money still safe in your account.

Before moving in: Question the seller

The sad truth about moving houses is that, while paying the moving van, buying sufficient boxes, and finding the right insurance for your belongings may be expensive enough as it is, it’s the new house that will eat most of your money.

You don’t know how to run it quite yet, you haven’t received any electricity bills – and the boiler may be so old and worn that it costs you a small fortune. A lot of things could go wrong in the new house, so it’s a good idea to have backup funds in case of emergency; have a look at to feel a bit more secure.

Be smart about it and ask the seller about this before moving in. Where is the main switch for turning off the water, for example, and where can you find the gas and electricity meter? Which company supplied the energy, phone line, and broadband?

While most sellers will inform the buyer about this without being asked, some simply forget all about it – and you’re left navigating it on your own, anxiously awaiting their reply.

While moving: Compare removal costs

One of the most expensive things you’re going to pay up for is, of course, the moving guys. There’s a big difference in price as well as the quality of service, so make sure you compare the different companies on or a similar site.

If you haven’t lived long enough to purchase a lot of expensive furniture, your best bet is to hire a van and invite a couple of friends to help you out by luring them over with free pizza.

Be wary of cramping all your stuff into the van just to save money, though, as you don’t have the insurance of regular moving companies to fall back on. DIY when moving house is for people without expensive furniture.

After moving: Furnish your place for free

A new home calls for new stuff, but you don’t have to spend money on it. Sites such as are perfect for people without furniture or just those who need to fill the gaps in a larger flat or house; top-quality goodies are available, free of charge, and without as much as a catch.

Some of the furniture there may be better than others, by the way, just like it is with any second-hand shop, but you’ll still be able to find fantastic options to furnish your new home with.

Moving house is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. If you have more friends than you have belongings, it can even be for free.

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Thrifty Talks: Managing Your Money When Moving House

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