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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.
Aviva Car Insurance Review
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Who is Aviva Car Insurance?

With a whopping 31 million customers around the world, Aviva is a giant in the insurance world. The UK’s largest insurer and a leading insurance brand in Europe, the brand is one of the most recognisable in the sector. Previously known as Norwich Union until 2009, Aviva deals in insurance, savings and investments – and, of course, car insurance. The website delivers all you’d expect from such a financial behemoth. Facts, figures and, dare we say it, a little dull. You won’t find any Sheila’s Wheels style gimmicks or cheeky meerkats here.

That doesn’t mean the brand isn’t immune to controversy though. In 2017 the group hit the headlines when the car insurance advert featuring former Formula 1 driver, David Coulthard, was banned. The reason? For encouraging “reckless driving”.

What does Aviva car insurance charge?

Aviva left the comparison site scene in 2008, meaning you’ll need to run your details through its website for an individual price. We took its quote tool for a spin with the details of a 5-door Ford Fiesta* to see how it compared. When we looked at the quotes from the comparison sites – alongside Aviva’s figure, the brand came in fourth – at just £3 more than the cheapest quote. So on this example, it is certainly offering competitive pricing. As always, the devil’s in the detail, and our cheapest quote included a courtesy car as standard. With Aviva charging £27 for this as an optional extra, it meant the brand quickly started lagging behind on price.

How is the Aviva customer service?

Online reviewers certainly don’t hold back when doling out criticism against Aviva. The complaints are wide ranging, peppered with exclamation marks and a great deal of frustration. All of Aviva’s customer reviews are bundled together – so most review sites are scoring Aviva as a company – rather than just a car insurance provider. Even so, the company is clearing losing the battle when it comes to customer service – certainly according to TrustPilot reviewers..

It scored poorly for customer service on TrustPilot, where it’s quickly apparent that this isn’t just a singular area in which Aviva is struggling. Reviews complain about just about everything from holding times, lost documents, claim processing and inflated renewal prices. The brand isn’t active on TrustPilot, though with the anger on display there, who can blame them?

It’s worth noting that there’s a very different picture being painted on the brand’s own website. Here, Aviva customers rate the brand 4.5/5.

Meanwhile, on TrustPilot, the brand has an average score of 1/5, with customer quotes including:

‘Impossible to get through to and when you do they are beyond useless. They really don’t care, my renewal quote was a joke. And I was unable to get through to them after trying for 2 weeks, yes 2 weeks to cancel.’

‘Multiple policy discount makes it worthwhile. No real issues but then I have not had a major claim with them. Customer services is fine so far.’

‘We use Aviva for lots of different services and they are great until you need them.’

What policies does Aviva offer?

Aviva’s car insurance offering includes the standard fully comprehensive cover, alongside more specialist insurance such as learner car insurance, short-term insurance and third party, fire and theft options. You’ll find multi-car cover and discounts available too – handy if you’re a multi-car household. If you take out full comprehensive cover, Aviva’s policy includes a few handy extras – such as uninsured driver cover, personal belongings cover and recovery transport. If you’re looking for a more robust policy, you’ll need to tack on a few extras though. And this is where things could get pricey. Policy staples elsewhere, such as a courtesy car, protected no claims and motor legal are all chargeable additions.

Aviva’s car insurance is rated 5 Star by Defaqto, with Which? customers giving the policy a score of 70%. This placed Aviva with a ranking of 12th out of 31 car insurers in the magazine’s July 2017 survey.

Aviva Car Insurance in summary?

Initially, Aviva appears to be the grey man of the insurance world. Big customer base, big numbers, bland website and vague mission statements make it blend into the background. That is until you stumble on to the various scathing and vitriolic reviews on TripAdvisor. Their angry words make Aviva start to stand out, for all the wrong reasons. But when you consider those 300 reviews against Aviva’s UK customer base of around 13 million a little perspective should come into play. You don’t get to be the UK’s largest insurer without doing something right.

Watch out for Aviva’s pricey add-ons, but if the price is right Aviva’s grey man stylings could save you a packet.

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4 thoughts on “Aviva Car Insurance

  1. For anyone that has auto insurance from Aviva Canada I strongly suggest you find a new provider and for anyone who is contemplating using them for insurance to stay well clear of them.
    They are a horror story and only want your money and will find any excuse to avoid payouts.
    Here is my horror story.
    I have had them for over 10 years as my auto insurance provider and dutifully paid the premiums on time, every time, even when I heard others had cheaper premiums with other companies.
    Stupid me.
    On July 2018 I was involved in an auto collision. The other driver was at fault and was charged with careless driving by the police officer. It was my bad luck that he also had Aviva insurance. I reported the accident in same day. Aviva quickly wrote off the vehicle, even though the damage did not seem that extensive, and low balled me on the payout. Less than half of what I paid 2 years prior. I argued that I had done some major repair work on it 6 months prior and should be at least partially compensated for that as well. According to Aviva that is apparently where I committed a sin. It seems we cannot question been ripped off by them. After 1 months of no definitive answers from them, in frustration I cancelled my multiple auto and property policies with Aviva. They lost a total of $6,600 annual premiums because of their unprofessional approach. And really for a mere $12,000 claim. That appeared to have been my second mistake. I believe that they thought it was now payback for cancelling my policies.
    They took over 6 months to make a case that the work was not done as detailed in the receipts I provided. They put me through a phone and an in-person interrogation (the gestapo could not have done a better job). The end result was that they declined my claim including the car rental I used for 1 week after the accident. While it may be true that the auto shop cheated me on the work done in the bills they should have simply declined the receipts and maintained their original offer, low as it was. Talk about adding salt to a wound.
    I have now retained a lawyer and proceeding with legal action against Aviva.
    Stay away from this scam of a company.

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    Had the worst experience ever. An offer to pay out for my vehicle was made to myself (a complicated one), 24 hours later a very very rude man Justin O’Callahan called me and said they have changed their minds. He was so abrupt. I have since asked to speak with a different handler in which he replied ‘NO’ I asked to speak to the lady whos case this was and he replied ‘THAT WONT BE HAPPENING’ I asked for a Manager and was again told no. I said I didnt feel comfortable talking to him, he said ‘I was being personal and will terminate the call’ I asked to make a complain, he said referring to the original issue ‘YOU ALREADY HAD’ I asked to submit a complaint with a different adviser as I didnt feel comfortable, again he said ‘THAT WASNT GOING TO HAPPEN’ Just kept telling me it was his decision, and he was over writing the previous decision in which had come from the CEO office!!!! What an awful experience, awful customer service. This guy has clearly skipped his CS course. What ever you do, if you get through to him, terminate the call and redial for your own good. From one good person to another

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  3. Aviva Shame on you.

    Aviva have proved to be very expensive. Please check out other companies before renewing. My mother had her renewal this year which had gone up £200 since last year. She has a clean driving record, no reported accidents and has her house insurance through this company. I phoned Aviva to say that £700 was far too expensive and the AA along with other companies were quoting £309.00. I asked if they could match this and they point blank said that the don’t price match under any circumstances. I asked why it had gone up over £200 this year and he said that there could be over 100 plus reasons, so too many to talk about. My mother has been a customer of theirs for many years and I felt this lack of customer care was very very poor. We obviously changed her insurance to the AA who were kind, courteous and very helpful. Aviva did not care about losing a long term customer. Shame on you.

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