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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.
Churchill Car Insurance Review
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Who is Churchill Car Insurance?

With a memorable catchphrase, jowly-yet-cuddly mascot and a solid insurance pedigree behind it, Churchill has become a household name in the car insurance market. A subsidiary of the mighty Direct Line, Churchill has been winning over drivers with its doggy mascot for decades. But despite a robust and award-winning track record, this Bromley-based company has perhaps begun to let things slide in recent years. That said, Churchill does offer reliability. Big brand UK call centres, and a clear, no-nonsense website make the brand a tempting port of call in an insurance situation.

In September 2017, Churchill’s customer service made the news. A couple wrote into The Telegraph newspaper in a bid to settle an ongoing battle with the brand. Churchill had been making increasing demands on the couple to settle a payment – for an accident they weren’t involved in. After intervention by the paper, it became clear a clerical error led to the couple’s number plate being taken down. Churchill issued a small compensation payment and the matter was dropped.

What does Churchill car insurance charge?

Churchill does usually appear on price comparison sites, but if prices become too high, they won’t appear in the results. We took things a step further and took the Churchill quote tool for a test drive with the same details (a 5-door Ford Fiesta). Numbers were crunched and we were quoted a whopping premium, coming in at more than double the cheapest we’d received. As always with car insurance, to truly get a price for your own circumstances, you’ll have to get a comprehensive quote.

How is the customer service?

Review site results are mixed, but there are an alarming number of seething customers ranting – often in block capitals, about the brand’s poor performance. Elsewhere, at Which? – where things are decidedly more measured, there’s still cause for concern. In the magazine’s July 2017 survey, Churchill’s customer score saw them ranked 25th out of the 31 car insurance companies under scrutiny. It’s this poor performance that meant Which? were unable to award Churchill with the coveted ‘Recommended Provider’ status.

Figures and stats aside, TrustPilot holds the most damning evidence for Churchill, where the brand has an average score of 1/5, with customer quotes including:

Avoid. They come in cheap but it comes with a price! Cheap is not always good. Pay some extra pennies and go with a good company!’

‘Cancelled my policy and just been hit with a second surprise cancellation fee! Customer service awful, and week long issues with simply cancelling my policy! Expensive quotes, look elsewhere and dont go with Churchill.’

‘After reading the reviews on here I was really worried if I will get my claim or how difficult they will be. However I had no problems whatsoever, everyone I spoke to was very polite, patient and empathetic. Been with Churchill for two years, so glad I chose them.’

What car insurance policies does Churchill offer?

Don’t expect too many bells and whistles at Churchill. The policies fall into two distinct categories: fully comprehensive and third party, fire and theft. No classic car cover or any of the specialist insurance you’ll find at other brands. That said, it does mean the site is easy to navigate and understand.

Policy standard items are clearly laid out and include medical expenses after an accident, cover for personal belongings, and 24 hour accident recovery. Pleasingly, Churchill keeps optional extras to a minimum – meaning you shouldn’t need to tack on costly extras to beef up your policy. Always check the policy has your essentials though, before buying.

Added bonus: If you are existing Churchill car insurance customer, you’ll get a 10% discount on your buildings and contents insurance.

Churchill Car Insurance in summary

Repeatedly voted best motor insurance provider in the early noughties, Churchill may have been overly relying on its pedigree past in recent years. We’re all for letting sleeping dogs lie, but customers have been quick to call the brand out online. Which? unleashed some less than stellar customer scores in 2017 too.

So has this champion breed turned into a sick puppy? Perhaps not. Which? still scores the actual policy highly – so you know the product you’re buying is solid. There’s also the 5 Star rating by Defaqto to add in the mix. So before you say ‘oh yes’ to Churchill’s car insurance, take a peek at some of the online reviews. If you’re confident you can navigate any customer service failings without it causing you to let rip online with your caps lock firmly in place, Churchill’s policies stack up alongside some of the best on offer.

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5 thoughts on “Churchill Car Insurance

  1. They are awful

    They have reduced me to tears, made a no fault claim (other driver accepted fault and their insurance company offer to settle, I should have gone with this). Numerous phone calls to Churchill – usually spending a long time on hold. Sent an e-mail accepting no claims – then told by someone else they would not accept no claims – then (when trying to sort this out) got told (very abruptly) that they had already sent me a letter saying they accepted the no claims (YES I KNOW) but apparently thid is not accepted by another section of their own company. I have now received 6 letters variously cancelling, reinstating, cancelling and offering varying refunds of my policy. I will never use this company again.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  2. Messed me over

    Messed me over with regards to PONC. Took many years, then gave me back none, claiming it was a mirror introductory discount, not a real PONC discount. I am now back to 1 year without having made a claim. Seems dodgy, but I bet their legal team has found loopholes and some small wording somewhere to blind the consumer. I won’t be using them again!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3. Churchill never again

    Will never use Churchill again
    I have been driving for 15 years and Churchill has to be one of worse insurance company to be with not only are they incompetent but so rude I would recommend anybody thinking of using Churchill to think again, my car was hit when parked and Churchill decided that they would repair my car it was returned even more damaged, when trying to resolve the problem that’s when the real problem started.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4. Working against the customer

    I called the insurer for advise , as I was moving to other country. I have left 2 months on my insurance ( fully payed ) and ask for no claims discount. After giving details to the advisor he said he will cancel my policy as I am leaving the country and I cannot keep it. And I lost the another year of no claim discount b cause I was honest and wanted to keep the policy TIL end. He decided that he will cancel my policy even if I said I do not want to .

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  5. Great customer service, great price … all good. Then you have an accident and you need to make a claim … terrible customer service, every excuse to not pay. Never use them if you think it’s possible you will have an accident because they won’t be there for you.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

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