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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.
RAC Car Insurance Review
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Who is RAC car insurance?

Launched in 1897, the RAC is one of the most famous motoring brands on our roads. Loyal members often rate the brand highly but it’s possibly a different story when it comes to the insurance arm of the brand. The motoring group sources prices from a panel of 17 insurers – with mixed results.

The range of cover the RAC offers is comprehensive and, when coupled with breakdown cover, could be a one-stop fix with a handy discount. Drivers can access quotes for vans, caravans, motorbikes and classic cars – in addition to regular cars. With temporary insurance plus commercial and learner insurance, alongside an array of regular car insurance, drivers are spoilt for choice.

What does RAC car insurance charge?

As with all car insurance, you’ll need to run your own details for an accurate price. The RAC also features on comparison sites – handy for saving time when you want to compare car insurance. When we ran the numbers for a 5-door Ford Fiesta*, the RAC came in 24th out of over 50 insurance companies. So not the most expensive brand out there, but still coming in at around £90 more than the cheapest quote. The RAC does offer Car Insurance Plus – only available direct from its website, and the brand claims that 10% of customers choosing this cover pay less than £167 a year.

As is often the case, the biggest savings can be made if you’ve racked up some serious no claims discount. The RAC is currently offering up to 65% off for drivers with 9 or more years no claims discount.

How is the RAC customer service?

It’s hard to find specifics about the RAC’s customer service online. The major online review brands don’t separate out the car insurance side of the business. So it’s a matter of trawling through until you find a reviewer talking about car insurance specifically.

The RAC scores highly for customer service on TrustPilot. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the reviews are focusing on the vehicle recovery side of things. The brand is active on review sites, regularly taking time to address criticism and offering a dedicated email address for people to take complaints and problems further.

On TrustPilot, the brand has an average score of 4/5, with customer quotes including:

‘I was happy with RAC, but with a huge rise in my car insurance I had no choice but to look elsewhere, I have had RAC breakdown cover since 1997, when I phoned to cancel my renewal I was offered a lot less insurance to what I was quoted.’

‘The complaints department are getting too many complaints to respond within a reasonable time frame. We have now cancelled our policy and taken it out with another company, our family are also moving from them when their policies are due for renewal.’

‘Do not get car insurance from RAC it’s a total nightmare. Never been so stressed and the amount of money they are taking out of the refund that the letter says I will get is a total rip off.’

What policies does the RAC offer?

The RAC offers an impressive range of options when it comes to car insurance, with specific policies for single cars, young drivers, multi-car and short term cover on offer. Specialist insurance is also available, including Black Box Insurance and Classic Car Insurance. Go direct to the RAC website and you can also take out its 5 Star Car Insurance Plus. This includes the policy items the RAC offers as standard, such as a courtesy car, motor legal protection cover, and repairs guaranteed for 3 years at approved garages. The 5 star upgrade gives you access to the RAC’s uninsured driver promise, child seat cover and vandalism cover.

It’s worth noting that only the RAC’s 5 Star Car Insurance Plus is Defaqto rated five stars. This industry benchmark isn’t achieved by the brand’s basic policy.

RAC Car Insurance in summary?

The RAC’s car insurance seems worth a punt – at the right price. The 5 star premium cover looks like the better option – regardless of the extras tagged on, it’s the only policy they have that’s been given the thumbs up from Defaqto. Why is this a punt? Well, the customer service record appears to be excellent when it comes to breakdown cover, but it looks like something’s falling down on the car insurance side.

As the RAC is repackaging insurance for other brands, it could be that you’re buying the RAC name and the backend paperwork and customer service is being dealt with elsewhere. If that sets off an alarm bell for you, it may not be worth the gamble.

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9 thoughts on “RAC Car Insurance

  1. Avoid like the plague

    Quite a reasonable insurance quote to begin with but the RAC upped the premium quoting that I had not declared two accidnets on my previous insurance which were both my fault. One of these was not on my car insurance – it was on my wife’scar insurance!!!! The other was on my previous car insurance but was judged to be not my fault -a car backed into my stationary vehicle.

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  2. Avoid Avoid Avoid

    The installation of the black box was late, and didn’t work the first time meaning it had to be done again. The black box itself is constantly faulty, noting that journeys of 20+ miles only took 3 minutes, giving out several accelerating and breaking faults at a single roundabout, and giving out Night and Urban faults pretty much randomly. Nothing is explained well. The MyRAC online self-service has not worked a single time in the entire length of my policy. It does not list on the website how to cancel a policy from auto-renewing. Couldn’t recommend less.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3. Disaster

    Please avoid this company, courtesy car was included in the rac breakdown and car insurance policies. When our car breakdown I called them to book mechanic, we was waiting all day, without updates, you need to call them to check. They transfer the calls to someone else, which wasn’t helpful. Booked courtesy car, and the booking was confirmed twice. Went to pick up the courtesy car, and and I was told the booking wasn’t confirmed in their system. I call rac to check what is going on, they was telling me the booking was confirmed, and after few phone calls with different people, courtesy car wasn’t provided. Very bad experience with this company, and they charge you £110 p/m for that and can not help at all when you need them!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4. The worst car insurance ever!

    The worst car insurance ever! Avoid them. They will grab your money and cancel your insurance unfair and very rude! Avoid them!

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  5. Dreadful

    I had an accident 6 weeks ago, the claim is still not resolved. At no point do I ever get an update. I have to chase constantly. I’ve also had to call other companies for updates which I would have expected RAC should be doing. I often get different answers from different people when I call. I have been very upset by the whole process. I will never use RAC again.

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      Scammers, for 10 months my score and insurance was fine, my software broke on the blackbox meaning they had bad readings from me, they tried cancelling my insurance because of this but we sorted it out and they found the problem and updated the software. Get emails saying everything’s fine and back to normal, my score rises back to normal again, 8 days after this email they cancel my insurance. They told me sorry its our fault but theres nothing they can do now. Absolute joke, missed my 2 years no claims by 2 months and now its going to cost me around £2,500 to get insured which i do not have.

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  6. Avoid!

    Disgusted at the way my mother has been treated with her RAC car insurance.

    Took out a few months ago then had a letter so say there was a problem with her policy and need to ring to sort it. Rang RAC car insurance to be told dont worry theres nothing on the system and no problem with the insurance. She was told to “ignore the letters” then has a letter to say her insurance will be cancelled in the next couple of days.

    Again, another phone call which they say she put in a claim in 2016 but they couldn’t tell her what it was for so said she will have to ring her insurance for the year 2016 bearing in mind shes had no problem in the years after 2016.

    Rang her old insurance which they have no record of a claim because it never happened.

    They have said they will over ride the insurance cancellation but will have to pay £300 to keep the policy which will be refunded if she can prove there was no claim.

    So meanwhile I am sorting the paper work out from her old insurance to send to RAC to prove this!

    Shocking customer service and really don’t care about the customer.

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  7. Worst motor insurance Company I've been with

    Good competitive quote last year, about £200. Early this year my catalytic converter was stolen. I enquired about a claim and was told if I do the car (23 year old BMW) would be written off. So, no claim. Renewal this year was for over £600. I changed company! I am sent a Proof of No Claims Discount. What! It included accidental damage and I was at fault. I had not made a claim. Customer services agreed. Acromas, RACs insurer, assured me “Theft” was on their records. Customer services then agreed theft is on theirs. But, I cannot get the RAC to send me an updated correct Proof of No Claims. I am presently stuck with Proof of No Claims Discount with the wrong info and successive emails to customer services yields no reply. AVOID!

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