4 Unusual Ideas To Get The Best Quote On Your Insurance

We’ve all seen the articles and TV programmes on how we can get the best insurance for our needs. Each company boasts that they are the best and cheapest around, so how can you be sure you’re getting the best quote on your insurance?

Go small

Don’t think about going with the companies that you’ve heard about or seen around on billboards. Investigate what the smaller companies like us have to offer and you’ll be quite surprised to see how much they can offer you at very competitive rates to the larger companies. It’s also likely that you will be able to talk a small company into giving you a better deal because they are in more need of the custom.

Of course, larger companies may offer you the best deal. If this is the case, don’t hesitate taking up insurance with them, especially because if something goes wrong they will rectify it swiftly. This is because they have a reputation that they want to uphold.

Cheaper doesn’t mean better

Of course, price is an important factor of the insurance that you’re taking out, but having the cheapest quote won’t necessarily mean that you’re getting the insurance deal that you need. Look at what’s included within each quote and go for the one that offers the cover that you’re after. You may even decide that the extras they are offering you would be worthwhile like protecting your company against theft, for example.

Prove your worthiness

It’s not just up to the insurance companies to amaze you with all of their deals, you need to show off too. Prove to them that you’re a trustworthy customer by showing a portfolio of your credit control. If you’ve been careful in the past, the asking price is likely to drop a little. Also, if you can show the companies that you’ve got years of no claims, (with driving, for example) they’re likely to be interested in taking you on as a customer too.

Do your research

Trusting your instincts is a good thing, but sometimes it might be a good idea to seek some advice on which company to take our your insurance with. Use comparison sites to give you some ideas or maybe turn to a family member or friend who has taken out this kind of insurance before. Make sure you do all necessary research on a company before choosing to go with them too. Research how they treat their customers, how likely prices are to inflate and also how good their cover actually is.

There we have it, four unusual ideas for you to get the best quote on your insurance. Follow these steps and you will land yourself a deal that you’re happy with. Remember to use your common sense and not let companies talk you into anything you’re not happy with. You will be able to rest assured knowing the cover you’ve taken out is legitimate and not breaking the bank.


Michael Foote

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4 Unusual Ideas To Get The Best Quote On Your Insurance

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