Could bad driving stop by 2020 therefore lowering insurance costs?

Driverless cars could dominate British roads in just five years. If there are no accidents, will we even need car insurance?Sourced through from: self-driving cars looking set to feature heavily in the not too distant future, could this mean that accidents rates will be close to zero? With accidents being almost completely eliminated where would that leave car insurance premiums?Premiums are based on the risks we are drivers are partly responsible for, so if there were far fewer accidents then insurance premiums would reduce.However, is this really the case – I’m not convinced I would want to be in a car with no way of controlling it! During some of Google’s tests on their self-driving vehicle there were 11 accidents. Google has said that these were not the fault of the car however, they are still accidents.I see it being a substantial while longer until these vehicles are safe enough to improve driving on the roads and therefore a long time until insurance premiums go in our favour.
Michael FooteCould bad driving stop by 2020 therefore lowering insurance costs?

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