Driving Offences That Can See New Drivers Given An Instant Ban

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Picture the pile of money you could have saved instead of paying for driving lessons, as well as the cost of the new car you’re driving. Now imagine receiving an instant driving ban for accruing half the amount of penalty points as a regular driver. All that money – wasted.

When you are a new driver you have to be extra careful on the roads. If you’ve been driving for two years or less, there are certain driving offences that can land you with an instant ban.

Penalty Points

If you commit a driving offence, you will be given penalty points on your license. You can accrue these points for a number of different offences and they can remain on your licence for between four and eleven years.

If a driver accrues twelve or more points within a three-year period, they will be disqualified from driving. But for new drivers in their first two years of driving, disqualification takes just six points. If you do rack up more than six points, you will have to apply for another provisional licence and pass both your theory and practical driving test all over again.

Different offences come with a different allocation of points, ranging from 1 to 11, so a single offence could see a new driver landed with a ban.

But what are the most common driving offences among new drivers?

Driving Whilst Using A Mobile Phone

this is a common offence for new drivers, especially younger drivers. Not only will it see you hit with six points – an instant ban for a new driver – you will also have to pay a £200 fine.

Drink and Drug Driving

If you are driving whilst over the legal drink limit or have been taking drugs that adversely affect your driving, you can be landed with anywhere between three and eleven points. These points will remain on your license for eleven years too.

Failing To Stop

If you are involved in an accident and fail to pull over, you will be hit with an instant ban and maybe even more serious criminal charges depending on the nature of the accident.

Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, young driver insurance can be seriously expensive. If you withhold any important information from your insurer intentionally, you could be punished with a point endorsement between six and eight points.

Having points on your license can make it next to impossible to find car insurance for convicted drivers. Points directly affect your insurance premiums and can even make it difficult to find insurance in the future.

With insurance premiums at high levels already, points on a license can see car insurance for convicted drivers priced way too high for them to afford. New drivers will need to spend extra time to compare convicted driver insurance quotes to be able to find an affordable policy.


Michael FooteDriving Offences That Can See New Drivers Given An Instant Ban