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If you live in Liverpool and are looking for a great deal on your car insurance you’ve come to the right place as we specialise in finding cheap insurance quotes. When you fill out the quote form by clicking the button above, Quote Goat compares over 100 car insurance providers instantly. Please feel free to get a quote now or if you have time then read on about how our system works. The benefit of comparing over 100 companies in one go is due to the fact that the price offered by each company varies dramatically. You will find that some companies are excellent value for one particular driver, e.g. insuring a 30 year old lady insuring a Landrover in Liverpool and then one of the more expensive providers to insure a 30 year old lady with a Landrover in London. It all depends on how the particular company assesses the level of risk.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people from all over the country save money on their insurance including visitors that live in Liverpool. Now you know about our service we thought a quick general knowledge quiz on your home area could be a welcomed distraction from comparing Liverpool car insurance quotes, particularly if you have already visited other comparison sites.

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So here we go:

Quote Goat Liverpool Quiz:

1) How many people to the nearest thousand live in Liverpool?
a) 266,000
b) 366,000
c) 466,000

2) When was Liverpool created? Liverpool was created when King John granted a royal charter written in Latin.
a) 1197
b) 1207
c) 1217

3) Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England. How many FA Cups has it won?
a) 11
b) 12
c) 13

4) In what year did Liverpool win the title of European City of Culture?
a) 2004
b) 2008
c) 2012

How did you do? For answers look at bottom of the page. Back to the matter in hand. You can get your quote in a matter of minutes by filling out the quote form which is supplied by our lovely partners, Quote Zone. They provide over 2 million quotes a year so rest assured you are in fantastic hands!!!

Once you have got your quote, please feel free to let us know how happy you are with the service and how much you have saved. We love to hear how we are helping our visitors save money on cheaper car insurance.

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Answers: 1) c 2) b 3) a 4) b

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Find Cheap Car Insurance In Liverpool