Compare Nokia Mobile Phones

Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Once the biggest player in the industry; paving the way as by far the most innovative mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia has taken a bit of a back seat in the mobile phone market. However, they do still have a lot to offer, particularly in the more affordable end of the mobile market, with feature-packed phones at great prices.

Nokia Mobile Phone Models

As mentioned above, Nokia have a lot of affordable phones on the market including flip phones and “tough” phones, presumably aimed at users who need a hard-wearing device due to their lifestyle. Nokia have also released updated versions of some of their old classics including the Nokia 3310 and the 8110. When both of these phones first came out they were hugely popular.

For phones that start at around £100 or less, if you are looking for an affordable mobile phone deal then Nokia may just be the answer. Equally, you may have noticed that most other phones all look the similar at the moment and perhaps you don’t want to carry a large device around with you. Nokia have kept up their variety which is a big plus from us.

How To Find A Great Nokia Mobile Phone Deal

Step 1 – choose your device:

Compare the devices that Nokia has on offer using our handy comparison table. Think about what you need in a phone, including the amount of storage, camera quality & battery life and the price you are willing to pay.

Step 2 – choose a network:

Look at the contracts available on each network and compare the various bundles offered, looking at what you need in terms of minutes, texts and data. Make sure the network provider you choose has good signal in your area.

Step 3 – place your order online:

Complete your order for your new Nokia mobile phone by clicking the buy button and completing your order on the provider’s website.