Three Mobile Phone Deals

Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Three Mobile stands it’s self apart from other networks for it’s comprehensive free roaming in over 70 countries, reliable coverage and ‘Go Binge’ with eligible plans that allows data usage on social media and streaming platforms without affecting your allowance.

Three’s Network Coverage

Three mobile offers an average mobile data speed of 18 Mbps according to OpenSignal which places the network in the slower half of the major providers having the lowest 4G availability, but it’s 2G & 3G coverage was voted the most reliable in a YouGov survey. Three offers contracts cheaper than most with some of the most affordable unlimited data plans with such plans available from as little a £11 per month but despite this unlike other providers Three do not offer any data rollover meaning that any data not used at the end of the month is wasted.

Three’s Customer Service

Three’s customer service has received good reviews when compared to its competitors. Their customer support is open from 8am – 8pm on weekdays and 9am – 6pm on weekends. Three customers can access it by calling 333. The call is free for those on an Advanced Plan, but will affect the monthly allowance to users on an Essential Plan. Alternatively, users can access the live chat from the Three website as well as having access to a wide variety of guides and advice for common issues.

Three’s Rewards & Benefits

Some of the benefits included with Three are their InTouch service, Wuntu Rewards and tethering allowances. Easy to setup and available to all customers WiFi calling and texting through their InTouch service,  comes at no extra cost but does affect allowances if on limited plans. Wuntu Rewards similarly to other mobile offering gives customers limited time coupons, entry to competitions and giveaways. Lastly tethering with Three is allowed to all advanced plan customers and allows tethered data to be treated exactly like standard mobile data coming directly from the standard allowances.