Virgin Mobile Phone Deals

Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Virgin Mobile runs off the EE network and offers the fastest and highest covering 4G connection of any UK mobile provider, it was rated the best low-cost network in 2020 by SimSherpa thanks to it’s average 35 Mbps and 99% population 4G coverage as reported by OpenSignal. Virgin Mobile’s benefits extend beyond just their industry leading coverage and data speeds as they also offer top-tier premium schemes such as data rollover and allowance free social media access, benefits not seen as standard with EE’s own contracts. Data rollover means that any unused data at the end of the month will be added on to the existing allowance for the next. Virgin Mobile also offers an app based variable spending cap which will prevent unexpected bills when roaming or when going over at home allowances.

Virgin’s Contracts

Unlike other providers Virgin Mobile offers flexible pricing in all their contracts meaning that if you find yourself paying for unused data you can reduce your allowance and save in your monthly payments. This feature extends also to Virgins’ sim only contracts which run on a rolling one month payment basis, meaning that if at the end of the month you wish to cancel you’re not locked in.

Virgin’s Customer Service

Virgin mobile’s customer services is well received and was rated highest in the Uswitch Mobile Awards for 2016, it’s open from 8am – 9pm on weekdays and 8am – 6pm on weekends and customers can reach them by calling 789 from their mobile or through text at 0753 301 6422. All calls and texts made to customer service via Virgin Mobile phones come at no extra charge or allowance effect.