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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Quote Goat has created a comprehensive nationwide mortgage review using data expertly analysed by our team of professionals and customer online reviews. Through analyses of Nationwide mortgages and customer feedback we create a non-biased run down to determine whether you should consider the lender for your next mortgage.

Do Nationwide offer competitive rates?

Nationwide is currently one of the best providers in the UK for mortgages, offering some of the most affordable fixed-rate policies on the market. With an average interest rate of 2.12%, well below the national average of 2.77%, deals on their fixed-rate mortgages are set for up to two, three, five or even ten years.

How many mortgage products do Nationwide offer?

Not only are Nationwide’s mortgages affordable, they are well varied. They currently offer around 450 mortgage products, with the large majority consisting of fixed-rate deals but they also have a large amount of flexible rate mortgages available.

What do customers say about Nationwide?

Across all online independent review sites, Nationwide scores very highly in terms of both mortgage services and their customer service. There are minor issues amongst a select few customers with most of these complaints revolving around dissatisfaction with a branch service.

What are Nationwide’s eligibility requirements?

You can apply for any of Nationwide’s mortgages as a first-time buyer if you are taking out your first mortgage or if you have had a gap of at least three years since your last mortgage loan. When buying with other people, all parties must meet the first-time buyer criteria to be eligible for any discounts.

Mortgages for later life are available from Nationwide. They require no valuation, product or advice fees but you will need to seek and pay for your own independent legal advice. Age limits are extended to 95-years of age compared to 55 with their regular mortgages if they have had a mortgage with Nationwide before. Those who haven’t have a limit of 85 years by the end of the mortgage.

Can I make overpayments with Nationwide?

Nationwide mortgages won’t incur an early repayment charge if you make an overpayment of up to 10% of your original loan amount each year as long as they were reserved on or after 29th May 2013.

If you have reserved a Nationwide tracker mortgage on or after 2nd May 2014 or if you have a standard variable rate mortgage then overpayments are unlimited.

Do Nationwide offer customer incentives?

At the time of writing, Nationwide currently have a range of offers and schemes including a Help To Buy ISA, Help To Buy Equity Loans as well as mortgage cashback offers that see all first time buyers rewarded with a £500 cashback and a £500 cashback or free standard legal fees on any remortgage to Nationwide.

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