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What is cat insurance?

Financial protection to cover unexpected costs in relation to your cat. This may be, for example, the cost of vet bills as a result of illness or injury to your pet.

Why do I need cat insurance?

Whether you’re living with a mix-breed moggie or a pedigree puss, cats can get into all sorts of scrapes. Any accident or illness is unexpected and unpleasant, but some of them can be fairly common with cats. This can quickly lead to expensive vet bills, and if your cat isn’t insured, it’ll be you having to foot the bill.

When comparing cat insurance quotes, there are a few things you should look out for. Pre-existing conditions, the excess on your policy, and the type of cover you choose can all impact the price of your cat insurance policy. As well as covering vet bills for accidents and illnesses, some insurers will cover your cat if they go missing or are stolen, and some include cover for death by illness or injury.

What details do I need to get a cat insurance quote?

Compare cat insurance quotes with Quote Goat in three simple steps. We can also help users compare dog and rabbit insurance. All we need are a few details…


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Insurance for cats with pre-existing conditions

There are some conditions and illnesses that are fairly common with cats. The tricky thing with pet insurance is that once your cat has suffered an illness, it’s likely to become a pre-existing condition, and you’ll struggle to get insurance for that condition again. It’s not impossible, but your choice will be limited.

That’s why comparing and buying an insurance policy as soon as your kitten or cat comes to live with you is so important. It ensures they’re covered before they have the chance to become poorly and develop a pre-existing condition that won’t be covered.

Common illnesses for cats include:

  • Cystitis and Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD)
  • Kidney problems
  • Heart conditions
  • Hyperthyroid
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Eye problems, including glaucoma, infections and cataracts
  • Diabetes – type 1 and type 2

Insurance for older cats

Insurance for older cats is possible, but it will be more expensive. Insurers typically consider cats over the age of 10 as senior. While some won’t offer cover for senior cats, others will. However, as they’re more likely to need medical care, it will be pricier. And they won’t cover you for any pre-existing conditions. There’s also likely to be more conditions and restrictions, so it’s important to read all the policy details before you buy. Finally, be wary of hefty excesses on policies for older cats.

Multi-cat insurance

Looking for insurance for a family of moggies or pets? This can actually work in your favour. If you buy a policy for each of your pets with the same provider, they’ll typically give you a discount per pet.

It can be a bit time consuming to set up a policy for each pet, especially if any of them are bringing pre-existing conditions to the table. Lifetime cover might be the best bet for you, as once their policies are set up, you can rest easy, knowing your furry family is all protected.

Types of cat insurance

There are several different types of cat insurance policy, however, there’s one clear winner in terms of popularity and comprehensiveness.

Check Mark Accident-only – £

The cheapest and most limited. Accident-only covers vets bills if your cat has an accident. But it won’t cover illness or medical conditions.

Check Mark Time-limited – ££

Time-limited policies cover a new illness or condition for a 12-month period. There’s typically a cost limit, and you can only claim once per illness or condition.

Check Mark Maximum-benefit – £££

Illnesses and accidents are covered, up to a set financial amount. There’s no time limit either, which can be good for chronic or persistent illnesses. There can be a financial limit to how much you can claim.

Check Mark Lifetime – ££££

The most expensive, but most comprehensive. Accidents, illnesses and conditions are covered throughout your cat’s lifetime. Cover is continuous and with the same provider for your cat’s life, so a thorough comparison when you purchase is key.

Cat Insurance FAQs

Can you buy pedigree cat insurance?

Yes, you can! Although your premium will be pricier, as the risk to the insurer is greater. This could be due to a higher chance of theft, or the potential for hereditary or breeding-related illnesses.

Is insurance for indoor cats different from outdoor cat insurance?

While every policy is as different as the cat it protects, indoor cat insurance tends to be cheaper. This is because they’re less at risk of external dangers, such as cars, bugs and nasties, and theft.

How can I get cheap cat insurance?

Comparing cat insurance policies is the best way we know to bag yourself a bargain. When it comes to cat insurance, it’s all about long-term value over your pet’s lifetime.

Can I buy rescue cat insurance?

Yes! Just make sure you have all of your cat’s medical details from the rescue centre, to make sure you’re buying an accurate level of cover.

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