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Compare Digital TV Providers

Digital TV packages give you and your family access to thousands of different shows, movies and channels at the touch of a button.

With literally 1000’s of various package combinations out there it can be tricky to make sure you are getting access to the right subscription at the right price.

We have partnered with Simplify Digital to make it easy for you to choose the right package. Click the compare button, enter your postcode and see all of the available deals in your area.

The team at Simplify are on hand to help you switch over the phone or online – whichever you prefer.

TV Provider Options

Satellite TV

Satellite TV is delivered, as the name suggests, via a satellite that is installed at your property. With Sky TV you get access to hundreds of free channels as well as premium channels like Sky Sports, Sky Movies and on-demand services. On demand gives you access to a whole library of box sets and other programmes available for you to watch whenever you want.

As well as this, Sky offer their on-line services called Sky Go, giving you access to their service whilst you are on your phone or tablet.

As with most deals, you will often find you get the best value for money if you choose one provider, e.g. Sky, to provide your broadband, digital TV and home phone line.

Cable TV

Cable TV is provided by Virgin Media. Instead of having a satellite at your property, Virgin supply your home with digital TV through a cable, which can often be suitable if you are not allowed or unable to have a satellite dish at your property.

As with Sky, cable TV gives you access to the free channels along with premium sports, movies and on-demand, all delivered through Virgin’s TiVo box which sits next to your TV.

If you are looking at switching to Virgin, then make sure you consider the bundle packages on offer as you can often make the biggest saving by choosing one provider for your TV, broadband and phone.

YouView and Talktalk

YouView offers a digital TV box giving you access to 70 free digital channels as well as on-demand and catch up TV services.

YouView is offered by both BT and Talktalk, each with own extra features.

Talktalk Youview offers access to the 70 free channels, plus thousands of hours of on-demand content, catch up TV and access to the Talktalk TV player to watch box sets on demand. Talktalk now also offers BT Sport as at an additional premium.

BT Youview again offers access to the 70 freeview channels as well as on-demand, catch up content and BT sport. You can now also add Sky Movies and Sky Sports to your BT package.

Freesat and Freeview Vs Sky, Virgin, Talktalk and BT

When choosing a digital TV provider you there are two clear paths to go down – monthly subscriptions or an upfront payment.

Sky, Virgin, Talktalk and BT all offer monthly subscription services whilst Freesat and Freeview offer free digital TV with an upfront cost for the set top box.

Bundle Package Providers

In the UK there are four providers that offer phone, broadband and digital TV in a bundle package. There is usually a great deal to be had by opting for one provider for all three services.

The four providers offering these package/bundle deals are Sky, Virgin, Talktalk and BT.

Choosing A Suitable TV Package

Enter Your Postcode

We use a leading comparison solution to bring you exclusive deals and offers

After clicking the compare button above, enter your postcode to see all the available deals in your area, in ascending price order. All results can then be filtered to show what matters most to you e.g. which channels you require.

Comparing The Results

With the vast number of options available from digital TV providers it is important to decide what channels you require versus the cost of the service. Each provider will have different offers throughout the year so make sure you consider all of the providers that offer the channels you require. Equally keep an eye on the varying extra services like on-demand and premium channels like Sky Sports to make sure you get a service that you are happy with.

Order Online Or By Phone

Once you have found the package you would like, you can order online by clicking the buy button, or speak to your selected provider to find out more information.

Written By Michael Foote, Insurance and Finance Expert

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