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What Is Black Box Van Insurance?

Black box technology, also known as telematics, can be installed in your van and provides data back to your van insurance provider. A black box can monitor a number of aspects including the speed you travel, distance driven, time of driving, location of your van, braking intensity, speed round corners and much more. All of this information gives an insurance provider a clearer picture of the risks involved when insuring your van, which can ultimately affect the price you pay for your cover.

A van insurance policy that includes a black box could therefore be cheaper than a policy without a black box, IF, you drive safely and use your van as described in your policy.

What are the benefits of having a telematics van insurance policy?

  • The key benefit is that safer drivers can pay less for their van insurance as your insurance provider knows that a safer driver is less likely to make a claim on their insurance.
  • A black box can offer additional security because it can be tracked should your van be stolen.
  • Knowing that your driving is being monitored can act as an incentive to be safer on the roads which can help lower the chance of having an accident.

What are the negatives of having telematics technology in a van?

  • If you are not a safe driver you may find that the cost of your insurance increases once the insurance company has collected satisfactory data around your driving habits and ability.
  • Driving regularly at night may increase the cost of your cover as statistically this is a riskier time to drive.
  • In contrast to the positive effects of having a black box above, you may find that knowing your driving is being monitored causes you to focus more on the black box than on what is actually happening on the roads, for example, we have seen cases of drivers being concerned about braking suddenly, to avoid a crash.

Are Black Boxes Hard To Install In A Van?

Some insurance providers will require you to visit a garage to have the black box installed into your van, however it can be as easy as receiving your black box in the post and installing it yourself by plugging it into the 12v plug in the cab of your van.

How can I find black box van insurance?

One of the easiest ways to find a great price for your van insurance is to compare quotes through Quote Goat. We use a comparison solution that compares prices from over 30 van insurance providers, returning the results instantly online. Using this service will return results with policies that include a black box and others that do not , so you can make an informed decision as to whether a black box van insurance policy is suited to your needs.



Black Box Van Insurance