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What Is Private Use Van Insurance?

Private use van insurance is for people who own a van but do not wish to use it for commercial reasons. This means that you do not need additional levels of protection e.g.cover for expensive tools and equipment or hire & reward insurance if you were to be using your van as a courier. Therefore private use van insurance is often a lot cheaper than commercial van insurance when you remove the unnecessary covers. This is great news for people who have just love driving a van instead of a car – there’s something about the experience of driving a van that you simply can’t replicate in any other vehicle.

Cheap van insurance for private use

Finding low-cost van insurance for private use only is easy with Quote Goat. It takes only a few minutes to complete the quote form and see live prices from over 40 van insurance providers, with the cheapest quotes at the top of the results table.

It’s important to note however, that the cheapest quote is not always the best for your circumstances, so it pays to take the time to look at more of the results table than just the cheapest price and see what is included with each quote.

Note: If you are looking for campervan insurance or caravan insurance, you can visit either of these two product pages to compare quotes from specialist insurance providers;.

Tips to lower the cost of your quotes

  1. Don’t add modifications: people who use their van privately may want to make modifications, however these ad-hoc changes can add to your premium so make sure it is worth it. A van without modifications will often be cheaper to insure.
  2. Van security: if possible, try and keep your van in a safe place overnight, off the road. Even though you may only use it privately, van’s are a tempting target for thieves as their contents can include expensive equipment when used commercially. You may also want to consider installing an immobiliser, steering wheel lock, alarm and dash cam as these can all help reduce the cost of your policy. Before investing in this additional equipment, check with your van insurance provider if it is worth the extra expense.
  3. Black box: Consider adding a black box to your policy. These devices monitor a number of data points including your driving style, mileage, location and more. Equipped with this information, insurance providers can deem how much of a risk it is to insure your van and price the policy accordingly.
  4. Pay annually: If possible, you can save as much as 20% on your cover by paying annually. This is because a monthly payment is effectively a finance agreement and you therefore pay for your policy plus the interest charged.

What happens if you need to change use of your van?

If for any reason you decide to start using your van commercially, you need to speak to your insurance provider to let them know. Not doing so, may invalidate your policy. Getting in contact with them and letting them know is easy & adding additional cover for commercial use should not be a problem. If you think this is likely, you should check with them when you speak to them to arrange your cover.

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