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What is young driver van insurance?

When you get a van insurance quote, two of the details that insurance providers consider are your age and driving experience. Age and experience are significant factors in the price of your premium. Typically, van insurance premiums for young drivers tend to be higher because young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident.

A young driver van insurance policy provides cover for drivers under 25.

Why young van drivers are a riskier group

Studies have shown that younger van drivers are far more likely to have an accident than older drivers, with the likelihood of having an accident increasing even further if you look at van drivers under 21.

Insurance providers tend to quote higher van insurance premiums for young drivers to cover the cost of claims.

Is it possible for a young driver to find cheap van insurance?

Finding a good deal is still possible. One of the easiest ways is to use a comparison site, such as Quote Goat, which maximises your chances of finding a better deal by comparing quotes from a panel of over 40 van insurance providers. As well as this, we have several other tips below to help drive down the cost of your cover:

Invest in security

You could look at options such as safe parking for your van, in a garage or elsewhere to prevent theft. If you keep your vehicle in a safer place, you should see your premium lower.

Choose smaller vehicles

Smaller vehicles tend to attract lower insurance premiums. This is because they are less likely to be in an accident. Vehicles that offer more engine power and speed are typically more likely to be in an accident. Also, these vehicles are more likely to be expensive, costing the insurance provider more money in repair, replacement and other bills. Also, a larger, more expensive vehicle is more likely to come to the attention of car thieves. This could keep insurance premiums lower when you are looking for cover.

Stay away from modifications

If you modify your van, you could increase your insurance premium. Ideally, you will have no modifications, which will make a big difference for young people wanting to save on their insurance costs.

The level of cover

Similar to car insurance policies, there are three primary cover levels: third party only, third party, fire & theft, and comprehensive. Drivers often think that third party only van insurance is always the cheapest as it offers the least level of cover. However, this is not always the case, so take the time to look at all three levels of cover when you get a quote. You may be able to benefit from fully comprehensive insurance and save money at the same time.

Drive carefully to build up a no claims bonus

The more careful you are on the roads, the less chance of being in an accident. If you can prove you are a cautious driver by not claiming on your insurance, you can expect to see your insurance quotes decrease in cost each year as insurance providers see you as a lower risk. This is where your no claims bonus comes into effect; try and build this up and watch the savings roll in year after year.

Practice safe driving

You could boost your driving skills by taking additional courses. These courses demonstrate that you are less risky and can therefore help to lower your quotes. An advanced driving course can be exactly what you need to demonstrate your ability as a young driver without any driving history for insurance providers to refer to.

Black box policies

With this type of insurance, your van is fitted with a device that monitors your driving habits and sends the details back to your insurance provider. Factors such as your mileage, the time of day you drive, speed, acceleration and braking are used to calculate your premium. This could potentially mean more affordable insurance for careful drivers, especially young and new drivers. Find out more about black box van insurance.


Q: Is courier insurance included?

A: Visit our courier insurance page if you would like courier insurance with your van insurance policy

Q: I’m 17, can I still get van insurance?

A: Of course! However, the cost of insuring a 17 year old is likely to be significantly higher than if you were to insure an older driver with experience of driving.

Q: How much is van insurance for 18 year olds?

A: As a young driver your van insurance will be higher but the good news is that you can still be insured. To find out how much it will cost you need to get a quote using the form above. Every quotes varies depending on your exact circumstances including age, location, record vehicle type and insurance category and so on.

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