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Why Compare Prices?

Prices vary hugely between different providers, depending on the exact product you are purchasing so considering the ease of comparing multiple quotes at once thanks to the internet and comparison sites, you would be bonkers not to use the next five minutes to compare the price of one or more products that you currently pay for.

For example, ten minutes now could save you £200 on your car insurance and £300 on your gas & electricity bill – that’s a big chunk of cash for a holiday. Switch to a cheaper credit card company and you could save £500+ per annum. If you have read this far, I suggest you stop and go straight to get a quote. In today’s lightening-fast, electronic world, time is money, yet spending time on does not cost you money, it saves it. Nothing could be more true than if you save £100+ in the next five minutes by visiting our site.

  • Spectacular Savings At Your Finger Tips

    You could save up to £442 on your car insurance, many have saved much more

  • Quick and Easy Quote Forms

    It takes a matter of minutes to fill in our forms and review quotes from hundreds of providers

  • You Are In Good Company

    Since launching we have helped 1000’s of customers save £1000’s in no time at all

How Does It Work?

  • Fill out our short quote form

    It takes 3 minutes to enter the necessary details to provide a quote

  • Review the quotes

    Quotes are shown in price with the cheapest at the top

  • Choose Your Favourite

    Go through to switch your provider now or check your email to do it later

We have partnered with insurance comparison providers to bring you a simple to use, yet uber efficient service. Each insurance product on our site has a quote button for you to click. When you click you will be taken through to the best comparison provider for that product. If for example you are a new driver looking for a great deal on your car insurance, head over to our page dedicated to find cheap young driver insurance, perhaps you own a 4×4, then head over to our cheap 4×4 insurance page. Once there, fill out the quote form and watch as the insurance comparison form instantly finds quotes from hundreds of providers.

The form will then return the providers in price order, making it ever so simple to find the best deals. Click on the link for the insurer you like and away you go.

We hope you like our site and service and are looking forward to hearing how much you save with us. This is a real site run by real people and we are always here to help if needed.

About Quote Goat

Quote Goat was started in 2009. As a business we are focused on one thing, helping people save money. Why pay over the odds for a service when you could get the same service, if not better, for cheaper? It just does not make sense. We are here to help everyone get more bang for their buck, something that can be easily achieved by setting aside a bit of time to get competitive quotes for your car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, energy bills, credit cards and more.

If you do get a quote then let us know how much you saved. Everyone could benefit by saving money on their insurance quotes, credit cards etc. so why not help them out and e-shout about it on social media. If you are a young driver, then chances are that you will use social media regularly, help your friends out too by tweeting about it! If you still prefer to talk to people face-to-face, let your friends know about us over a coffee.

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