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Travel Insurance Tips

When it comes to Travel Insurance it is extremely important to look at the small print when you are comparing policies.

Travel Insurance covers the obvious areas including illness, accidents and can also cover other areas depending on your policy including flight delays cancellations, lost/stolen property including phones, wallets etc., lost luggage. This is why we would recommend not to go for the cheapest policy without checking the cover you are purchasing as you may find you are not covered for your particular circumstances. A few things to keep in mind: what is the excess amount on the policy? If it is too high then many smaller claims will not be covered by your policy. Does the policy cover you for treatment when you return to the UK? If you need ongoing support, for example physiotherapy, is that covered? There are a lot of things to think about. Do I bring expensive items with me on holiday and does my policy cover me for theft/damage of those items?

There will no doubt be a whole variety of considerations that you will need to make so please do not consider the few points above to be exhaustive!

Additional Travel Insurance Information

Types of Travel Insurance – Single or Annual?

If you are planning to go away a few times this year it could be worth looking into an annual insurance policy. This will cover you for the year so once you book you can forget about it until next year. However it will generally cover you for a maximum number of days, so make sure it is sufficient!


If you are one of the many people that rely on their home insurance to cover them for lost/stolen property when you are away, please bear in mind that claims on home insurance will affect your renewal quote and therefore could push up your premium more than if you purchased a travel insurance policy.

Although Travel Insurance is not a legal requirement, we would recommend you treat it as one, the small price to pay for cover will save you potentially catastrophic problems if something were to go wrong whilst you are away.

Equally, make sure you bring your EHIC card on holidays, as it entitles you to free or reduced cost treatment in a member state of the EEA if your treatment becomes necessary whilst you are away.

Important Information

It may benefit you to think of travel insurance as being as essential as your plane tickets and your passport. It is amazing that so many people go away without it when it is likely to be the most important purchase you make for your next holiday.

If you feel like you need convincing of the benefit of buying travel insurance, consider these situations: What would you do if you fell ill whilst away? What happens if you lose your job before you leave and therefore you need to stop your holiday before it has even started, do you want to lose that money? If you are ill/injured abroad, the costs for help and medical attention can easily run in the thousands and thousands of pounds. It is a very real risk so please do not ignore it.

Different Types of Cover

Be sure to take the time to check the policy you are buying is the right one for your needs. A few things to consider are:

  • Do you need European or Worldwide travel insurance
  • Are you taking part in winter sports
  • Are you a traveller, on a gap year or any other type of backpacker
  • Do you need cover for the whole family or just one/two members
  • Do you want to purchase travel insurance for one trip or for the year
  • Medical conditions that you are aware of prior to travel will require a different type of policy