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Click the button above to compare van insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies in just a few minutes. Alternatively, read on to find out more about the comparison service and why it is good that you have chosen to look at multiple quotes. Whether your van is for commercial or social use it can be pricey to insure. We regularly speak to people whose van is worth less than the cost of their annual insurance cover.

To make sure you get a better deal, you need to compare van insurance quotes from multiple providers. This is just like in the supermarkets, different companies offer different prices for the same products. To make it easy for you, the quote button above takes you to a form to fill out, which is provided by an FCA regulated company. All you have to do is fill in the form to compare van insurance prices from multiple companies. Half of the customers using this comparison tool are quoted less than £350* for van insurance. You could be too!

To get your quote and potentially save money today, click the button below to begin and please don’t forget to tell us how much money you save!

*50% of customers who purchased Van Insurance
through this service provided by Seopa were quoted less than £350 (Feb ’16 Sales).

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Additional Information When You Compare Van Insurance

Just like insuring a car, van insurance is available with different types of cover which are briefly explained below:

Fully Comprehensive Cover

This type of van insurance tends to offer cover for the driver, the van and any property, given that it is “comprehensive” it is generally thought to be the most expensive type of van insurance policy. However, when you compare van insurance make sure you get a quote for all three types of cover as it can often be cheaper to have fully comprehensive van insurance.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Typically cheaper than comprehensive and more expensive than third party, Third Party, Fire & Theft cover offers the protection provided by standard third party insurance (details below) as well as cover for theft of the vehicle along with fire damage.

Third Party

You would expect third party to be the cheapest insurance option, providing basic cover that is legally required in the United Kingdom. It could be a good policy for a low value van or of course if you have a tight budget.

Third Party basically covers the other driver in an incident and no damage to your own vehicle so if you do opt for the cheaper insurance option, make sure you bare in the mind the cost of fixing your own vehicle should the need ever arise.

However we recommend that you also get a quote for fully comprehensive as, although it goes against logic, it can be cheaper to go for fully comprehensive. Given this, it is definitely worth checking the prices for both types.

When you compare van insurance and find a policy you want to buy, this can be paid for in full for the year and in monthly direct debits payments so please be aware of this when trying to decide which cover is best for you.

What Van Is It?

To compare van insurance quotes you will need to know the make and model of your vehicle. You will also need to provide information on any modifications that have been made.


If you are unsure of the information required above you can most likely find the information in your V5C paperwork. Equally, previous insurance policies will usually mention most of the info you will need for a quote.

Driving Offences

It is critical that you are honest about any driving offences that have been committed when you are get a van insurance quote. If you are unsure on these details you can find them on Gov’s licence information website.

One of the best ways to keep your premium low is to simply compare van insurance quotes! If you rely on just one quote then you will never know how much you could save.

Type of Van: If you do not already own a van then make sure you understand the different insurance categories for a van and know which category your van sits in.

Additional Security: Improving security on your van can help reduce insurance costs so you may want to consider having an immobiliser fitted, a tracking device or an approved alarm.

Lower Miles: If you are able to keep your mileage to a minimum then your insurance premium may be reduced, reflecting the reduced amount of time you are spending on the roads.

Size of Van: Make sure you have a vehicle that suits your needs as the bigger it is, the more likely you are to pay higher premiums.

Parked Location: If you can keep your van of the street and in a private car parking area you see lower quotes coming in. Again this is not always possible.

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