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What Is Insurance Without A Black Box?

An insurance policy, typically for a car, that does not require the policyholder to install any form of telematics (also known as a black box) in their vehicle. This type of policy prevents insurance providers from being able to monitor the policy holder’s driving style and vehicle usage. As a result it is favoured by drivers who do not wish to share their driving data, or those that feel their driving style or vehicle usage may cause their premiums to increase.

Compare car insurance without a black box

At Quote Goat, we appreciate that many drivers do not want a black box in their vehicle. So, when you run a comparison with us, you can see quotes for non-black box policies quickly and easily.

Our quote system has over 110 car insurance providers, most of whom provide insurance policies that do not require telematics. It takes around 3-5 minutes to run a quote; all you need to provide are details about you, your driving history and your vehicle. You can then compare quotes from across the market.

What are black box policies?

Black box policies are relatively new, first introduced to the market in 2009. They started out as a product for young drivers, but older drivers are also seeing them included in results now. They gather a range of data points which can include; how fast you drive, how often you use your vehicle, how far you go, where the vehicle is parked, how hard you brake, your speed whilst driving and whilst taking corners and the time of day you drive and more.

This data provides valuable insight into the level of risk each policyholder represents when being insured by a provider. As a result, insurance providers can use these data points to amend their pricing dependent on the risk profile of each driver. Safer drivers benefit from cheaper insurance premiums as they are less likely to be in an accident or make a claim. The opposite is also true; higher risk drivers will need to pay a higher premium or alter their driving habits.

Is car insurance without a black box more expensive?

Yes – according to our research. We ran multiple quotes for drivers between the ages of 19 and 22 in various locations. Our results showed that car insurance policies without any form of telematics cost 39% more on average than policies with them.

The most significant difference was for drivers aged 19, who naturally have less experience, where insurance without a black box was on average 61% more expensive. As a driver’s experience increases, the difference in cost lessens. A 22-year-old driver with two years’ experience would pay 21% more for a policy without a black box. As drivers gain experience, this gap reduces further.

If you are considering a standard policy, we recommend getting a quote to see how the price varies between the two options. It is worth noting that insurance costs can vary significantly, so your circumstances may mean that not having a black box policy is a similar cost to a policy with one. Get a quote above to see for yourself.

Who might want cover without a black box?

Typically, people looking for this type of cover are drivers who do not wish for insurance providers to track their vehicle usage or driving style. This is generally due to either privacy concerns or because the policyholder feels that their driving habits may increase the cost of their premium. However, not all telematics policies are the same; for example, it is a common misconception that a black box policy will always penalise people who drive at night or limit the number of miles you can do. Although this can be the case, it is not for every insurance provider. Our comparison system clarifies each quote result by highlighting key features of every policy so you can quickly and easily see any undesirable restrictions.

How much is car insurance without a black box?

As with nearly all insurance policies, the cost is dependent on a number of factors, including your age, your vehicle, your location, your experience and more. The best way to accurately know how much a policy may cost is to run a comparison and check the results.

Here are some tips to try and save money on your cover:

Check Mark Increase your excess

An increased voluntary excess may lower your insurance cost, however this can be an expensive practice in the long run should you ever need to make a claim on your insurance. If you are thinking of increasing your excess amount to lower your premium, think first about how you would be able to pay the excess should you need to. Bear in mind that even if you are a safe driver you can end up having to claim on your insurance even when you have done nothing wrong e.g. a hit and run into your parked vehicle.

Check Mark Add an experienced named driver

You may find that adding an experienced driver to your insurance as a named driver can actually lower the cost of your cover.

Check Mark Compare prices

We work with a large panel of insurance providers. This increases the number of quotes you are likely to receive and therefore improves your chances of finding the best no-black box policy available.

Check Mark Alarm, dashcam and no modifications

If you are looking to buy a car, then don’t go for one with modifications on it, e.g. spoilers, lowered suspension etc., as they can add to the cost of your insurance premium. Installing an alarm, if not already factory fitted, and a dashcam can also lower premium prices.

Check Mark Insurance groups

Cars in higher insurance groups tend to command higher insurance costs. If you are yet to buy your vehicle, bear this in mind when choosing what to buy. This is particularly important for younger drivers whereby cover without a black box can run into the thousands.

Check Mark Get additional qualifications

If you are a young driver then why not have a think about taking an advanced driving course. These courses are pretty quick and help to demonstrate your driving skills.

Check Mark Provide accurate details

It may seem obvious but have a think about your annual mileage, where you’ll keep your car and what you’ll use your car for. If you are only going to use your car for 5000 miles a year then make sure you tell the insurance provider that, rather than rounding up to 10,000 miles a year.

Non Black Box Insurance FAQs

Are black boxes compulsory for new drivers?

No. Although black boxes are growing in popularity and usage, primarily due to insurance policies typically costing less, they are not compulsory for new drivers.

Are policies without a black box always more expensive?

Not necessarily, although non-black box insurance can be as much as 61% more expensive, it vary much depends on your individual circumstances.

I’m a 17 year old, new driver, can I get a quote?

Yes! It is still possible to have insurance without any form of telematics if you are 17.

Written By Michael Foote, Insurance and Finance Expert

Michael Foote is the founder of Quote Goat with over 13 years of experience in finance, insurance, and currency sectors. Since launching Quote Goat, he has appeared on TV and in major online publications, including Forbes, The Telegraph, and The Metro. Prior to Quote Goat, he worked for firms such as HSBC.