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Does something not feel or sound quite right with your car? Maybe there’s a dashboard warning light, or perhaps you know there’s a specific problem. Whichever the case, taking your motor to a local garage for repairs will give you peace of mind that it’s sorted.

If the damage is minor, most car repairs should cost under £200, and can even be as low as £20. If it’s something bigger, such as a gearbox repair, you could be looking at up to £500. The best way to get your car back on the road safely and speedily is to ask for a diagnostic check.

Save yourself time and money by comparing quotes for specific repairs or general labour costs at your local garages. Our handy tool does the hard work for you, so all you have to do is pick the best price and book online.

Car body repairs

Suffered a dent or scratch to your car’s bodywork? If it’s just a small scratch, you can buy repair-at-home kits from shops such as Halfords. If the damage is more considerable and the look is bothering you or it’s likely to cause further damage (eg. rusting), taking your car into your local garage for a repair is the next best option.

Most garages will get started with a damage assessment. They’ll give you a final quote before they get started. Typically, they can repair dents and scratches, refurbish alloy wheels, respray paint and even replace panels or doors. 

Car window repairs

Chips and cracks to car windows, especially the windscreen, are very common. Especially during the colder months when debris from potholes can easily flick up and cause damage. Some window repairs and replacements can be a little more complex if they contain cameras, sensors or heating elements. And some windows will need to be ordered in, which can add a few days to your repair.

Repairs and replacement of car windows is pretty run of the mill, and many car insurers cover it as standard, so it’s worth checking your policy first. If you are covered, you’ll just need to pay your excess, and it typically won’t affect your no claims bonus.

Car electrical repairs

If there’s an electrical fault in your car, it’s definitely worth taking it to your local garage for repairs. Whether the problem is clear or not, they’ll run an electrical system check to provide a full fault diagnosis before they get to work. They’ll also give you a final quote before work begins. As well as more general electrical repairs, most garages can repair radios and speakers in your car too.

Car exhaust repair

It’s not a part that we consider often, but the exhaust is a vital component in your car. Its health aids your car’s fuel economy and helps reduce the CO2 emissions your vehicle produces too. Mechanics can check your exhaust, looking for physical damage, leaks and corrosion.

Signs to watch out for are lots of smoke coming from the exhaust, a noisy engine, knocking or rattling sounds, and visible holes or a low-hanging exhaust pipe. Garages can help by repairing exhaust holes and silencers, or if the repairs are too great, they may recommend an exhaust replacement.

Tyre repairs

With the uneven roads, frequent potholes and changeable weather we enjoy in the UK, tyre damage is common. Whether you’ve got a little cracking, low tread or a slow puncture, most garages can repair tyres quickly and easily.

Tyre and wheel checks are free at lots of garages, and puncture repairs can cost as little as £20. It all depends on your tyres and where you live.

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