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How To Find Insurance As A Convicted Driver

Drivers with convictions are almost always faced with higher insurance costs, which is why it pays to shop around for a competitive quote.

Compare quotes for car, van or motorbike insurance if you have any convictions, including:

Pop your details in the form and compare quotes from specialist convicted driver insurance providers. Every day we help people like you find great quotes and make savings on their insurance.

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What You Need to Know About Convicted Driver Insurance

If you’re struggling to get an affordable quote from standard car insurance providers, you may have more luck with a specialist insurance provider. Applicants for convicted driver insurance should be aware of the following points:

Even if your offence is not related to driving, some insurance providers will still not offer insurance.

Driving without insurance

If insuring your car is proving expensive, don’t be tempted to drive without insurance – a minimum of third party cover is a legal requirement in the UK; you’re running the risk of another conviction if you don’t buy it.

Declaring convictions for insurance

As tempting as it may be to not mention criminal convictions to reduce the cost, it is absolutely essential that you declare them when asked. Failure to detail any incidents, both driving convictions and non-driving, can result in your insurance being invalidated if you need to make a claim. You might even be charged with insurance fraud

Spent convictions

The good news is that most convictions will become spent at a set time in the future (we’ve created a table of conviction offence codes if you need more information about this). Once the conviction is spent, you no longer have to declare it when purchasing insurance.

How Long Does My Conviction Stay On My License?

Certain convictions stay on your license longer than others. It is important to know the length of time that each conviction is on your license as it affects the price of your insurance. Head over to our driving conviction table to look up your code

Why Compare Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers?

As hard as it may be to find insurance providers to offer you convicted driver insurance at a decent price it is not impossible and we are here to help. Fill in the quote form by clicking the button below to get a quote and see what specialist insurance providers have to offer you.

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