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Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

We have helped thousands of people just like you compare car insurance quotes with a quick and easy price comparison engine.

To compare quotes from over 100 insurance providers, simply click the button above and fill out the quote form – it only takes about 3 – 5 minutes to enter your details.You’ll instantly be shown quotes from a wide range of companies, from well-known household names, right down to smaller insurance providers.

We can also help with reducing premiums for young drivers. Just visit our Young Driver Section, where Quote Searcher will help you compare quotes. You’ll also find some useful tips there to help you lower your car insurance costs in other ways.

A conviction or penalty points shouldn’t stop you looking for a competitive quote, either. We can help convicted drivers compare quotes to find cheaper insurance, too.

Comparing quotes for car insurance like this improves your chances of saving money – definitely worth five minutes of your time!

Compare Over 100 Insurance Providers

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Join More Than 3,000,000 Users

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5 Tips To Help Keep The Cost Down

As well as comparing quotes, there are also other things you can do to keep your insurance down using the following five tips:

Try To Build Up Your No Claims Bonus

No claims bonuses help lower your insurance. This is worth thinking about if you are considering making a claim. As well as the excess that you need to pay you may lose your no claims bonus resulting in higher premiums.

Compare Quotes Every Year

Loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to car insurance. Take the time to compare quotes each year, staying with the same provider can be a costly mistake.

Pay Anually Not Monthly If Possible

Insurance companies are likely to charge you significant interest if you opt for paying with monthly instalments rather than paying the whole lump upfront. If you cannot afford this option maybe look at getting a zero percent interest credit card and just make the payments to that card each month instead.

Consider A Higher Excess Amount

If you choose a higher excess amount the cost of your insurance will usually drop. This is because you are less likely to claim if your excess amount is higher. However you need to think whether or not you could afford that high excess should you need to claim. Even if the accident is not your fault, for example another driver crashing into your parked car and driving away, you will have to pay your excess.

Take The Pass Plus

If you are a young driver then take your pass plus test. Insurance for young drivers is usually expensive due to high risk of accidents for new drivers. By taking a pass plus test you are showing the insurance company that you have had a higher degree of training and are therefore less risky for them to insure.

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