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We all know that sinking feeling when you get in your car and it just doesn’t feel right. It could be something obvious, like a dead battery or a flat tyre, or it might be a strange smell, sound or oily stain on the road where you’d been parked. Whatever the problem, getting a professional to give your car a once over is the best way to prevent problems escalating, saving you money in the long run.

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When to take your car to a mechanic

Car mechanics are really skilled professionals, so they’re able to handle any problem cars might throw at them. It’s common to book a car in for an annual service alongside its MOT to keep general maintenance and upkeep on track. But that’s not the only time mechanics come into their own.

With specialist equipment and experience, car mechanics are excellent at diagnosing those niggles and problems. So whether you know exactly the problem, or something just doesn’t feel right, a mechanic will be able to get to the root of the problem and fix it for you.

Mobile mechanic services

Mobile mechanics offer a fantastic, convenient service. They’ll come to you, often at short notice. They typically drive a big van with the equipment they need, as well as a small generator to power their tools. They’ll bring the parts needed for the job as well, so they can repair your car there and then. If the job ends up being bigger than anticipated, they can take your car back to their garage to be repaired, before bringing it back to you.

Typically, mobile mechanics can look after servicing, brake pad and disc replacement, tyre replacement and balancing, battery replacement, new wipers and headlights. None will be able to do your MOT at your home, though, although some will offer to collect your car for you.

One of the best bits of mobile mechanics is that you don’t even need to be at home when they arrive. Organise logistics such as a secure key handover, then they’ll do the rest.

Garage mechanic services

Car garages vary around the country, but they’re hives of activity and expertise. They can do everything a mobile mechanic can, plus all the big and messy jobs. Garages with their own testing bays can also offer MOTs, and often do deals for cars booked for an MOT and service.

Plus, a real benefit to booking in with a garage is that you’re safe in the knowledge your car is in the right place if the mechanics uncover a bigger problem that they need to order parts in for. With your car ready and waiting to be fixed in the garage, turnaround should be speedy. Some garages will also provide you with a free courtesy car if the repairs look like they’ll take a little longer.

Most garages can look after:

How much do mechanics charge?

As with most things, every mechanic will charge their own labour costs depending on where they’re based and the services they offer. The best way to find out how much car mechanics cost is to get an online quote by using our comparison tool. Just tap in a few details then compare live quotes from mechanics in your local area within seconds. It really is as easy as that.

Common car repairs

It’s often said that many cars fail their MOTs for relatively simple fixes. Things like blown light bulbs and perished wiper blades will cause an MOT to fail, which is why it’s often best to have a mechanic give your car a look over, or even better, a full service at the same time as an MOT. That way, they’ll pick up any problems, fix them, then retest for free.

Common car repairs in the UK include:

  • Tyres: Includes small tyre repairs, tyre replacement, wheel alignment and balancing.
  • Oil & filter change: This is typically included in annual and major services, but can also be booked as a one-off too.
  • Brake pad replacement: Most garages can source brake pads and discs for all makes and models of car. 
  • Clutch replacement: A pretty expensive repair, clutch replacement can also signify that the flywheel needs replacing too.
  • Battery Replacement: This is a quick job that doesn’t need to be too pricey. Most garages will offer a choice of battery brands, depending on your budget. If you think your battery is going flat, it’s best to drive it to the garage before it dies completely, when you might need to pay a call-out charge.
  • Light bulb replacement: A task that should be so simple, yet accessing the bulbs in some cars can be fiendish, due to the headlight unit’s waterproof casing. It’s not pricey to ask your mechanic to replace bulbs, and will save you fiddling around!
  • Windscreen wiper blades: A very simple fix that takes a matter of minutes – most garages will stock a good range of blades to fit common cars.
  • Spark plug replacement: Another small problem that can have a big impact. Luckily, replacing a spark plug won’t take too long, and most garages will stock common spark plugs.
  • Air conditioning regas and filter change: This will sometimes be offered by garages as an add-on to winter or summer services. It’s good to include this now and again as general maintenance. If your air con starts to smell, it’s definitely time for an air con service, as this means the filter is full of bacteria.

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