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Car Insurance: How Will Brexit Affect My Cover?

After 47 years of membership, the UK formally exited the European Union on the 31st January 2020. Since then, the country’s been in what’s known as the “transition period” which has meant we’re still subject to EU rules and remain a member of the single market and customs union. However, that transition period comes to

Everything You Need to Know About Windscreen Cover

Cracks and chips in your windscreen can prove to be very problematic. Not only could they impede your view while you’re driving, but depending on the size and location, damage to your windscreen may even result in a failed MOT test. Worse still, if your windscreen has been completely wrecked then you’ll need to replace

car insurance breakdown cover

Motor Insurance with Breakdown Cover

There’s no two ways about it, breaking down is never convenient. If you do breakdown, only one thing can make it worse – not having the right cover! While breaking down is never fun, having breakdown cover can be a real lifesaver and it’s reassuring to know someone can come to assist you when your

non essential trips are covered by insurance during lockdown

Those Making Non-Essential Trips Are Covered After All

Motorists’ fears have been eased after it was confirmed anyone making non-essential journeys during lockdown will still be covered by their insurance. It had been suggested that anyone caught making unnecessary trips during the nationwide restrictions may be invalidating their motor insurance policy, but a spokesman for the Association of British Insurers allayed those fears

car breakdown advice

5 Things to Remember When Your Car Breaks Down

When it comes to driving, few things are quite as annoying as a break down. One minute you’re driving along without a care in the world, and the next your vehicle decides it’s had enough, coming to a grinding halt and leaving you confused and concerned about the wellbeing of both yourself and your car.

tips for reducing car insurance cost

Tips for Reducing Car Insurance Premium

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, it looks as though car insurance premiums are set to increase and yes, you guessed it, it’s all down to Covid. That’s because with so many people reluctant to use public transport, many are now choosing to travel in their vehicles instead, so with an expected

avoid car crime

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Car Crime

Last year the Home Office revealed figures showing car theft had increased by a whopping 50% over the previous 5 years, which in turn pushes up the cost of car insurance. Although car security is continually improving, unfortunately so is the sophistication of criminals, so despite their improved security systems cars are still more at

is a no claims bonus worth it

No Claims Discount: Is it Worth the Cost?

Picture this: you’ve spent ages building up your no claims, you haven’t put a foot wrong on the roads in years and you’ve managed to get your insurance premium right down as your driving has been exemplary. Then, one day, as you’re reversing into an empty space on a car park, in a rare moment

how no claims bonuses work

A Brief Explanation of No Claims Bonuses

Finding the right quote for your car insurance can be like trying to locate a needle in a haystack. After all, there are tons of different factors that can influence the cost positively or negatively, and the majority of the time the criteria is out of the control of the policy holder themselves. Luckily, there

at fault car crash

What to Do After an At-Fault Car Accident

Honesty is always the best policy and this applies to your car insurance too. After all, we all dread to think what the outcome would be should we ever be involved in an accident, and the consequences can be even more severe should the crash be your fault and you choose to pass the blame.

car insurance history

A Quick History Lesson On Car Insurance

For drivers, car insurance has become such an integral part of owning a vehicle that you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s been around for as long as vehicles themselves. However, although vehicles have been on the roads since the start of the 20th century and widespread use began after the First World War, it wasn’t

car insurance when accident not your fault

Steps to Take When an Accident’s Not Your Fault

If you’re involved in a car accident that isn’t your fault, there are some important steps you should take. Failure to follow the correct procedure could put you in breach of your insurance policy, or even worse see you blamed for an accident you didn’t cause. Then there’s the possibility you won’t be able to

category vehicles for sale

A Simple Guide to Category Vehicles

When a car is involved in an accident, it may be considered a ‘write-off’ by the insurance company that it is insured with and placed into a category that helps the driver and other insurers understand how severe the damage was. When obtaining an insurance quote, it is vital that you are honest about the

rental car advice

3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Car

When you are travelling to a different country, it can make a lot of sense to hire a car in order to get from one location to another with ease. After all, taxis are not the cheapest mode of transport when you are abroad! With this said, many holidaymakers tend to make a few mistakes

guide to windscreen cover

An Informative Guide to Windscreen Cover

A cracked windscreen is a common maintenance issue that can occur at any time. Falling debris, pieces of gravel or vandalism can all cause damage to your windscreen and while it might not seem like such a big deal, any crack or chip longer than 1 centimetre can actually cause you to fail your MOT.

benefits of a pass plus test

Pros and Cons of the Pass Plus Scheme

The Pass Plus scheme is a government-funded initiative designed to increase the confidence of newly-qualified drivers, thus making our roads a safer environment for us all. After successfully passing their driving test, drivers who opt to take up the Pass Plus scheme undergo additional training (usually 6-hours) with a qualified instructor. This will cover aspects

different types of car insurance

The Different Types of Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement for every driver in order to protect yourself and other people on both public and private roads. With this said, it may not always be wise to opt for the most basic level of cover in order to save money on your premium. After all, many first-time drivers are

how long does car insurance last

How long will my car insurance policy last?

Car insurance is a necessity if you want to drive a vehicle on UK roads. But with so many insurance policies available to drivers, with varying levels of cover that cover different periods of time, it can be hard to know who to use for your insurance. When searching for car cover it is important

kinds of car insurance

What Kinds Of Insurance Cover Are Available?

For those in the market for car insurance the price is the first thing that people consider but when faced with the list of insurance covers available, people start to realise that there may be more things than the price tag that they have to get their head around. The various types of car insurance

add a named driver

Can I add a driver to my policy?

One way drivers can potentially see their insurance costs reduced is by adding another named driver onto their policy. This is easy to do and can help drastically reduce monthly costs but there are a few things drivers need to take into consideration before they decide to add a second or even third named driver

why is my insurance expensive

Why is my car insurance policy so expensive?

Many car owners in the UK feel as though they are paying too much for their car insurance. Even though car insurance premiums have fallen slightly in recent years, these drops have not matched up with other factors, leaving drivers feeling frustrated with policies that they simply deem too expensive. An important way for drivers

hit and run

What to do in a Hit and Run Car Crash

Picture this: you’re driving down the road without a care in the world and suddenly you’re unexpectedly hit from behind by another vehicle. Usually, the standard procedure would be to get out of your vehicle, assess the damage and take the insurance details of the other driver. However, unbeknown to you, the other driver has

protect no claims bonus

Can I Protect My No Claims Discount

A no claims discount is simply the accumulation of years that a driver has without making a claim on their insurance, for any reason. Insurance providers reward safe drivers and zero claims are a strong indication that you are a trustworthy driver. The reward? Considerable discounts on your monthly payments. No claims discounts differ between

what affects car insurance prices

What are car insurance prices based on?

Car insurance prices fall down to one main factor: how likely does your insurance provider think you are to make a claim? A simple question, yes, but with no simple answer. The answer to this is affected by a number of different factors; from your age, where you live and the type of car you

What Is A No Claims Bonus?

No claims discounts – also known as no claims bonuses – can help bring down the price of monthly insurance premiums by quite a considerable amount. But how do no claims discounts work, and how do you get them? For each year of driving without claiming on insurance drivers will build one-years no claims discount.

lower the costs of young driver insurance

Lower insurance costs for new drivers

Drivers between the age of 17-25 see some of the highest car insurance costs across the UK. For those who have recently passed their driving test and are in the market for their first car, the insurance premiums you may be quoted can bring a tear to the eye. Due to being less experienced and

black box car insurance

Things to Remember Before Committing to a Black Box

Telematics boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years particularly with young drivers, with more and more motorists looking to keep their insurance costs down by opting for the devices. Black boxes are also being adopted across various business industries including black boxes for taxi drivers and black boxes for van drivers. Having a black

information on car excesses

What Is The Total Car Insurance Excess?

Every car insurance and van insurance policy comes with an excess that is payable by the car owner in the event of you having to make a claim. Your excess is generally made up of a compulsory and a voluntary excess amount; compulsory charges are set by your provider and can’t be changed, but the

young driver insurance cheapest

How to Get the Best Car Insurance Quote as a Young Driver

It is no secret that car insurance quotes can be affected by the smallest details. After all, providers use criteria like gender, age, and location in an algorithm in order to determine the risk of covering an individual based on both local and national driving statistics. As a result, some drivers tend to pay more

excess voluntary and compulsory

What does excess mean?

Each vehicle on the UK roads needs to have insurance so that in the event of an accident, a fire, theft or vandalism repairs can be made, or the vehicle can be replaced. To do this, insurance providers require drivers to pay an annual amount, in one go or in monthly instalments. They will then

how occupation affects car insurance prices

Why Does Your Occupation Affect Car Insurance?

An insurance company has a set criterion that is used in order to assess the risk of a potential policy and give the consumer a price that is supposed to correspond accordingly. With this said, there are several factors that are taken into consideration by the system in order to ensure that every driver is

car insurance penalty points

Do Penalty Points Affect Insurance?

When it comes to taking out insurance for a vehicle, whether it be car insurance, van insurance or motorbike insurance, there are dozens of hoops to jump through in order to find a reliable yet affordable company. After all, many drivers tend to underestimate how much information an insurance company will need from a customer

hit parked car

What To Do When Your Parked Car Has Been Hit

Discovering the Damage Unfortunately, only 9% of drivers who hit a parked car will leave a note with their details according to a survey by the AA, despite it being a legal requirement. If you’ve returned to your car to find it has been damaged and the driver has not left a note, I know

cancelling your car insurance policy

Cancelling your Car Insurance Policy

There’s nothing worse than signing up for something only to spot a better deal elsewhere once you’ve fully committed. Anyone who’s done this will know how frustrating it can be, but If you’ve found yourself in this nightmare scenario with your car or van insurance policy, then you’ll be glad to know that all’s not

black box info

Is Black Box Insurance Worth It?

As one of the most popular options for both new and young drivers, a black box can help reduce the cost of an insurance premium by a considerable amount. In return, the telematics company in question will monitor how a person drives and score them based on certain criterion like their route and speed. Here

car insurance tips

6 Things to Remember When you Compare Car Insurance

So, it’s time to compare your car insurance, but before you dive right in there are a few things you should try to remember to make sure you get the best cover. When comparing car insurance, there are several factors insurers consider, and these can influence your quote massively. To make sure you receive adequate

black box myths

Common blackbox and telematics misconceptions

By having a black box and telematics technology installed in your vehicle you could benefit from a saving when it comes to your premium costs. This is especially true for young drivers looking for cheap insurance. Whilst the inclusion of these types of technology are a clear benefit to drivers, unfortunately a lot of misinformation

insurance provider cancelled policy

Common reasons providers cancel car insurance policies

Car insurance can be cancelled by your provider for a number of reasons. Equally, you may wish to simply cancel your own policy yourself by paying a cancellation fee, receiving your refund and then being free to find alternative insurance elsewhere if you wish to do so. This will have little effect on you attaining

The steps you need to take if you are in a car accident abroad

Nothing can ruin a holiday quite like having a driving accident. Even if the incident is small, not being prepared for how to handle with an accident should one occur can end up ruining your holiday entirely. With the current COVID-19 situation there is expected to be many more people driving to holiday destinations this

Does fuel type affect car insurance costs?

A lot of drivers were left disappointed after purchasing diesel cars in the past as a more environmentally friendly and supposedly more affordable fuel type when compared to petrol, only to see petrol overtake diesel cars in both efficiency and cost in recent years. The choice between petrol and diesel is a common factor for

Car Crash Scams: What to do if you are involved

Most UK drivers have heard of crash for cash scams, but what do the actually entail? A Crash for cash scheme is generally a staged accident which forces drivers into the back of another vehicle that has broken harshly on purpose. These cars are causing these accidents in order to claim on insurance, mostly from

Is there a perfect time to buy car insurance?

There have always been rumours of that perfect day, that perfect time of the year when you will get the very best deal on your car insurance. They circulate all the time, along with the rumours of the perfect day to book international flights and the perfect time to book your hotel rooms to receive

The Cheapest Cars To Insure In The UK

Driving a car becomes more expensive with each year, which means that driving your dream car can become a nightmare, especially when you look at how much it will cost to insure it. Drivers are constantly looking to make savings wherever they can and the first decision comes with which car you decide to buy.

peugeot car insurance

Peugeot Car Insurance

Car Insurance For Your Peugeot Cheap competitive insurance quotes for your Peugeot with Quote Goat. No matter what model of Peugeot you drive, new or old, we compare over 100 car insurance providers to find a great deal on your insurance. It takes less than five minutes to complete the quote form and you’ll then

nissan car insurance

Nissan Car Insurance

Compare Nissan Car Insurance Quotes Finding a great insurance deal for your Nissan is easy with Quote Goat, where you can compare car insurance prices from over 100 car insurance providers in under 5 minutes. Whether you already own a Nissan or you’re checking the price of insurance before you buy one, we’re here to

renault car insurance

Renault Car Insurance

Compare Renault Car Insurance Quotes Whether you own a Renault or you are considering purchasing one, you can compare car insurance quotes from over 100 insurance providers to find a great deal on your cover. Getting a quote is easy, it takes less than five minutes. Insurance For All Renault Models Whether you drive a

toyota car insurance

Toyota Car Insurance

Car Insurance For Toyota Drivers Compare insurance quotes for your Toyota from over 100 car insurance providers to find the right cover at a great price. Getting a quote is easy when you go through Quote Goat and can save you over £200 per year on average. Insurance For All Types Of Toyota Toyota have

Switching your car insurance? Avoid these common mistakes

Unfortunately in the world of car insurance loyalty doesn’t always reward you with improved car insurance quotes. This is why it is so important to compare car insurance quotes before your current plan comes to an end. Your current policy may have been your best option when you started it, but you could be entitled

cycling course reduce insurance

Can a cycling awareness course help reduce your car insurance costs?

It may sound like the build up to an unusual joke but there is actually an opportunity to reduce your car insurance costs by attending a cycling awareness course. These courses aren’t exactly popular to motorists but in a government initiative attempting to better protect cyclists on British roads, attending a cycling training course could

dont overpay on car insurance

How to ensure you aren’t overpaying for car insurance

It’s something we all dread is happening to us and the ugly truth is that in certain cases it is probably true: you’re overpaying for your car insurance. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, but there are many out there that are missing out on savings. When it comes to car insurance it can become

newly qualified driver

Newly qualified drivers

Congratulations! You’ve just passed your driving test and are ready to get behind the wheel of your own car and take to the roads. But first you need to find an insurance policy that you can afford. Unfortunately, after the excitement of securing that coveted driving license, searching for car insurance can be disheartening. Insurance

optional extras for car insurance policies

Car Insurance additional extras

When you take out a car insurance policy there are additional add-ons and extras that are available that can help you custom design your policy but can also make deciding on a policy slightly confusing. The additional extras available differ between insurers and are subject to their terms and conditions, here are some of the

why might your car insurance claim be rejected

Common reasons car insurers reject claims

Car insurance is a payment we make begrudgingly, cursing the fact we are paying for something we hope we never have to use. Unfortunately, accidents happen; whether they are small fender benders or more serious crashes, it is helpful to know that your insurance company is there to back you up and take some weight

covid 19 car checklist

Your essential COVID-19 car checklist

Modern cars don’t suffer the same as cars from 20-30 years ago; a week or so without being driven isn’t going to make them difficult to start once you’re behind the wheel again or cause the battery to die out (unless you accidentally leave your lights on). But whilst the UK is in lockdown and

admiral 25 off

Admiral’s £25 car insurance refund: What does this mean for drivers?

The UK is currently in its fourth week of official lockdown. The initial three-week period has been extended for a further three weeks at a minimum. One thing UK residents have been having to adapt to is the change in lifestyle and one very noticeable difference is that our cars are spending a lot more

car insurance lockdown covid

Do I still need car insurance during lockdown?

With the UK in a state of lockdown in response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, people from every corner of the country are now restricted to their homes; unable to see family members and friends or go about their daily lives. This means that the vast majority of the UK’s 32.5 million passenger cars are

cut motoring costs

How can I save on motoring costs during lockdown?

The coronavirus outbreak has brought no short supply of uncertainty to people right across the UK, as many are left fearful for their financial stability and that of their family. Scores of workers have already lost their jobs to the disease, with thousands forced to tighten purse strings in an effort to ride out the

car insurance covid 19

How does coronavirus affect your car insurance?

The effects of COVID-19 are already being felt in our everyday lives as the UK is on an almost complete lockdown. This means that our cars are also going to be feeling the effects; in the way we drive and in the way we insure them. Only essential workers should be commuting to work at

car burglary

Ways you can protect your car form break-ins

Your car insurance may have you covered in the event of someone breaking into your car but the best option is to protect your car thoroughly and help avoid a break-in altogether. Recovering from a car break-in takes a long time; not only do you have to repair any damage caused you may also have

upper age limit for driving

Is there an upper age limit on driving a car?

We all know that you can’t drive a car until you are older then 17, but as people get older and their vision, reactions and ability to drive may deteriorate, do car insurers enforce an upper age limit on who they choose to insure? It is a common question; with life expectancy rising, especially in

car off road sorn

How to register your car as off the road

Sometimes you may not need to use your car for extended periods of time. This could be because of certain incidents; maybe someone is out of work and can’t afford to run their car? Maybe the car is being kept for someone who is currently away? No matter what reason your car is off the

married car insurance

Is car insurance cheaper if you’re married?

Drivers are always on the hunt for all the little ways that can help lower their car insurance policy, and there are a number of ways we know about to help you drive down the price of your car insurance. We aren’t talking about lying on your application and hoping you get away with it

driving without mot

What happens if you drive without tax, insurance or MOT?

If you want to drive a vehicle in the UK, you require insurance, tax and a yearly MOT. Without it, you are driving on UK roads illegally. It may seem like common sense, yet more than 1 million UK drivers fail to insure their vehicles and 15% of motorists have admitted to driving either their

car insurance groups

How are car insurance groups calculated?

For insurance purposes all cars in the UK are categorised by The Group Rating Panel and administered by Thatcham Research. All insurers in the UK will use these car group recommendations in order to calculate their car insurance policies. But how do they work? All cars in the UK will fall into one of fifty

car insurance premiums

What are car insurance premiums and excess and how are they calculated?

Our car insurance payments are separated into two categories; you have the amount you pay monthly or annually, known as your premium, and you also have an excess, which is the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim. The excess is further split into two categories: mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory is

car write off

What do I do if my car is written off?

A vehicle can be considered a write off for a number of reasons and your car doesn’t have to be involved in a huge crash for it to happen. Some vehicles may have only sustained a small amount of damage which is visible from the outside but can still be considered totalled – it doesn’t

void car insurance review

These common mistakes could void your car insurance policy

All drivers will know that major mistakes such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or excessively speeding and otherwise driving dangerously will void their car insurance policy in the event of an accident. But there are other, smaller, mistakes that drivers may not know about that can also cause their coverage to

car insurance hitting an animal

Will car insurance cover me if I hit an animal?

Between wild creatures and domestic pets, animals are responsible for thousands of car accidents each year. Whether it is from cats darting across roads, birds hitting windshields or deer crossing dark country roads, animals pose a real concern for drivers and are capable of causing anything from minor damage writing a car off completely. It

car insurance flood damage

Does car insurance cover flood damage?

The UK has been seeing more adverse weather patterns than normal towards the end of 2019 and the start of 2020. Due to our temperate climatic zone, weather conditions are very quick to change and recently there have been serious floods that have wrecked homes and submerged vehicles all over the country. With torrential rains

speeding car insurance affect

How much can a speeding ticket affect your car insurance policy?

In attempts to clamp down on death by dangerous driving the UK government has increased the punishments for those caught speeding. Not only will a speeding offence now land you with a hefty fine and points on your license, which could result in a driving ban depending on your current points total, there could also

How accurate are car insurance quotes?

Nobody likes to get a bad deal, especially on something as costly as car insurance. After all, an incorrect car insurance quote can put you well over your budget after you account for the cost of the car, road tax and monthly fuel consumption. Car insurance comparison sites are a popular choice for finding the

Are You Covered? Common mistakes people make with car insurance

Understanding your car insurance policy is vital and yet we see many people who are unsure on what is and what isn’t covered on their own policy. Sometimes, this lack and knowledge can lead to driving offences which can incur a fixed penalty of £300 as well as six penalty points on your driving license.

Black Box Insurance Guide

A Guide To Black Box Insurance The adoption of black box technology has boomed in recent years. This new technology brings down insurance prices (for good drivers) at the cost of being monitored. Naturally, this sudden uptake of new technology has led to drivers asking a host of questions which we hope to answer in

3rd party only car insurance

Cheapest 3rd Party Car Insurance Quotes

Compare 3rd party car insurance quotes from over 100 car insurance providers to find the cheapest quote. Using our free car insurance comparison service takes less than 5 minutes and will instantly show you quotes from leading insurance providers. What is 3rd Party Car Insurance? 3rd party car insurance provides the least amount of required

how does drink driving affect insurance

How Will A Drink-Driving Offence Impact Your Car Insurance?

If you are caught driving when over the legal alcohol limit, you can expect the UK government to come down on you hard. And rightly so – 6% of road casualties and 14% of road deaths are attributed to accidents in which the driver was over the limit. On average, 3,000 people a year are

Why You Should Arrange Temporary Car Insurance for the Christmas Period

Started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, you probably should soon as the festive season is almost upon us and everyone seems to be making plans for this special time of year. Christmas is a time for socialising and spending time with loved ones (as well as indulging in good food and drink), which can

Tips for buying a second-hand car

Buying a second-hand car is a sure fire way to save money. But rogue traders, haggling buyers and confusing specs can make it a hassle. We’ve compiled a quick and easy set of tips to help you drive away with a bargain and make sure your new wheels are up to scratch. Pre-check the insurance

Car Personalisation & Modification: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

For most of us, our car is our pride and joy; an object we feel a keen sense of attachment to. That’s why so many motorists delight in the idea of being able to personalise their car, taking the factory-produced design and settings, then altering them to produce something that is absolutely theirs. There are,

What To Think About When Purchasing Your New Family Car

The purchase of a new family can be a huge deal to any family. After your house a car can be one of the next big purchases you make in your lifetime, so it is important to not only make the right decision, but you also want to ensure that you choose the right vehicle

17 year old insurance SEAT Mii

What Are The Cheapest Cars To Insure For A 17 Year Old?

Whether you’ve recently passed your test or are currently learning you will need to have car insurance to get on the road. You may by now have seen that insurance for a 17 year old can be very expensive, but that does not mean you are stuck paying vast sums of money. There are a

The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

It’s the end of summer, and only a few months until winter drives in. Driving at any time of the year can be difficult, however, in the winter there is a whole host of issues to be aware of. From getting snowed in, to losing traction on the road; winter is a time with plenty

Mad About Your Older Motor? Here’s How You Can Keep It Running Like New

New cars are always going to be desirable. With their fancy safety features, entertainment systems and swanky looks it’s no wonder of us covet brand new vehicles. However a new or even nearly new car is way out of budget for most of us, and if you want the independence of being able to drive

Ways To Make Your Classic Car Ownership Dreams A Reality

Not everyone that wants to buy a classic car is a classic car enthusiast. Although many buyers of classic cars will be avid hobbyists or even collectors, some will be interested in a car that looks the part or even feeling apart of days gone by. When this is the case, it can often be

Choosing The Right Car For Your Growing Family

When you and your partner decide to expand your family, you will eventually need to think about what kind of car you will need to accommodate your growing family. In this article is going to be some of the points you should think about before purchasing a new car. Affordability If you’re going to go

cost of running a car

What Determines The Cost Of Car Ownership?

Since 2013, the economy began to get a lot stronger and finally, after a long five years of depressed consumer demand, the car market began to pick up. But it wasn’t all good news for consumers. According to the data, the price of a new car has gone up by around 1.5 percent ahead of

new driver stopping breakdowns

New Drivers: Are You Putting Yourself at Risk of a Breakdown?

Breakdowns are a disaster for every vehicle owner, but when you’re a young driver they can be particularly scary. When you haven’t been driving for very long and are only just getting to grips with the car itself it can be pretty terrifying when it acts in an unexpected way. As well as being inconvenient

business vehicle advice

What Vehicle Should My Business Invest In?

Whether your business requires a fleet of vans or executive cars for business travel, you’re likely to be looking for reliability, efficiency and affordability. However, there are many other questions for a business owner to consider when choosing a vehicle for business purposes. This guide will take you through some of the considerations you should

what is a cloned car

Cloned Cars: How to Spot an eBay Scam

A recent BBC investigation has revealed that a number of people in the Greater Manchester area have been scammed by eBay fraudsters and led to buy cloned cars from the site. As of the time of writing, three sellers had been banned from the site according to AOL. It has been reported that these individuals

admiral black box review

Admiral Black Box Insurance

I’ve been working in insurance comparison for 11 years at the time of writing and when black box technology started to rise in popularity I have to admit that the idea of an insurance company following your every move was not appealing and I subsequently stayed clear of the more affordable black box policies. That

review of rac car insurance

RAC Car Insurance

Who is RAC car insurance? Launched in 1897, the RAC is one of the most famous motoring brands on our roads. Loyal members often rate the brand highly but it’s possibly a different story when it comes to the insurance arm of the brand. The motoring group sources prices from a panel of 17 insurers

direct line review car insurance

Direct Line Car Insurance

Who is Direct Line? Direct Line, an insurance provider in the UK, has been providing car insurance products since its formation in 1985. With more than 10,000 employees, and ten million customers, it is the largest direct car insurer in the UK. Direct Line began life selling only car insurance products, focusing on the fact

review of churchill car insurance

Churchill Car Insurance

Who is Churchill Car Insurance? With a memorable catchphrase, jowly-yet-cuddly mascot and a solid insurance pedigree behind it, Churchill has become a household name in the car insurance market. A subsidiary of the mighty Direct Line, Churchill has been winning over drivers with its doggy mascot for decades. But despite a robust and award-winning track

aviva car insurance reviewed

Aviva Car Insurance

Who is Aviva Car Insurance? With a whopping 31 million customers around the world, Aviva is a giant in the insurance world. The UK’s largest insurer and a leading insurance brand in Europe, the brand is one of the most recognisable in the sector. Previously known as Norwich Union until 2009, Aviva deals in insurance,

hastings direct reviews

Hastings Direct Insurance

Who is Hastings Direct Car Insurance? Established in 1997, Hastings Direct has established itself as one of the bigger players in the car insurance market. With over 1.5 million customers, the online broker operates UK call centres from several locations – including Bexhill-on-Sea, Leicester and Suffolk. As well as car insurance, Hastings Direct offers home,

diamond car insurance reviews

Diamond Car Insurance

Who is Diamond Car Insurance? Diamond Car Insurance is the female-focused arm of Admiral Car Insurance. Based in Cardiff, Diamond woo female drivers with flattery – praising their safe driving and, in some cases, offering very purse-friendly and very competitive prices. Launched in June 1997, the brand has been offering quotes online since 2000. And

admiral car insurance review

Admiral Car Insurance

About Admiral Admiral launched in 1993 as a specialist car insurance provider and is now one of the best-known brands in the insurance sector in the UK. Over the years they have developed new products such as the multi car discount which launched in 2005 and “Little Box” the black box product that they launched