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What Is Bicycle Insurance?

Bicycle insurance protects you against the cost of replacing or fixing your bike if it is damaged, vandalised or stolen. It may also protect you financially should you injure yourself whilst cycling or if you cause an accident which injures others.

How Much Is The Excess On Bicycle Insurance?

Bicycle Insurance excesses are typically worked out in one of three ways:

1) A set figure according to the bike’s value

For example, an excess of £75 for bikes worth less than £1000, £100 for bikes worth less than £2000, £125 for bikes worth more than £2000.

2) A percentage of the claim

For example, an excess of 5%. If your claim costs £1000, your excess would be £50.

3) A set amount for any claim

For example, you may be required to pay £75 for any claim. When comparing quotes you should take into account the excess you will have to pay in the event of a claim. A cheaper policy with a higher excess may end up being more expensive in the long run if you have to make a claim.

What bicycles are covered by a bike insurance policy?

Insurance is available for all types of bike including:

1) Mountain bikes

2) Road bikes

3) Electric bikes

4) Fixed Gear bikes

5) Folding Bikes

You can enter your bike’s information when comparing quotes to find out if your bike can be covered.

What is Covered Under A Bicycle Insurance Policy?

Bicycle Insurance can offer cover for yourself, your bike or both.

Personal Cover:

Personal Injury

A financial pay-out should you suffer personal injury whilst riding, including loss of limbs, sight, paralysis or death.

Third Party

Protection against costs in relation to a third party’s claims that you have injured whilst cycling, e.g. a pedestrian.

Legal Costs

Bicycle insurance can also cover you for any legal costs that you incur as a result of taking a third party to court who injured you whilst cycling and they were at fault.

Bike Cover:

Accidental damage or vandalism

Covers the cost of replacement or repair should your bike be damaged accidentally or by vandals.

Replacement bike hire

The cost of hiring a bike whilst yours is being replaced or repaired


Covers the cost of replacing your bike and can also cover equipment or accessories stolen with it.

What is not covered under a bike insurance policy?

There are a number of factors that could result in an insurance claim being rejected including:

  • Not properly securing your bike which resulted in theft
  • Cycling whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Using your bike for financial gain, e.g. working as a food courier.
  • Cosmetic damage that does not affect the working of your bike
  • Accessory damage where your bike is not also damaged

What lock will be required by a bike insurance provider?

Most insurance providers require a certain level of lock dependent on the value of your bicycle. Most locks will come with a manufacturer’s rating, however it is important to look out for the Sold Secure rating which comes as either bronze, silver or gold. In some cases bicycle insurance providers will offer a discount with a Sold Secure gold-rated lock, so check to see if you can make a saving.

How Do I Compare Bicycle Insurance Quotes?

It is quick and easy to compare bicycle insurance quotes from multiple bike insurance providers using just one form via our partners, Quote Zone, who have built one of the first comparison products for bicycles.

Enter your details into the quote form to view bicycle insurance quotes instantly online.

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