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Over 25s Taxi Insurance Comparison

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Taxi Insurance For Drivers Over The Age Of 25

Most taxi drivers we speak to are understandably frustrated with the amount of money they have to fork out for their insurance, however there is finally some good news for cabbies once they get to the age of 25 or over –  as taxi drivers get older they are deemed to be less risky to insure, as a rule of thumb, and therefore once you get to the age of 25 you can expect to find cheaper taxi insurance quotes.

At Quote Goat, we work with a panel of insurance brokers who provide quotes on tailor-made policies for our customers. The benefit being that we make it quick and easy to compare quotes from up to 5 insurance providers/brokers in one place.

Taxi insurance brokers’ polices and pricing will vary and therefore by using Quote Goat you can improve your chances of finding a cheaper over 25′ s taxi insurance policy.

Some insurance providers will place an emphasis on covering drivers over a certain age, be that twenty one, twenty five or thirty for example, so why not get a quote today and maximise your chances of finding up to 5 insurance brokers that are actively looking for customers like you – over the age of 25.

Tips to keep the cost of your cover down to a minimum

As well as benefiting from the discounts given to drivers who are 25 or over, here are 3 top tips to help you find cheaper taxi insurance:

  1. Compare each year – use a comparison (like ours) each year instead of letting your current policy renew automatically. It may be that you stay on the same policy but making a minimal amount of effort to compare quotes from across the market could save you a significant amount of money. Unlike other industries, loyalty does not always pay in the insurance industry.
  2. Build up your no claims bonus – just like a car insurance policy, safer drivers and those who are deemed less likely to claim on their insurance are rewarded with discounts. Obviously there are certain times when you will have no choice but to make a claim however, if you are considering claiming for a small amount of damage, it pays to work out whether the cost of fixing the damage is actually going to outweigh the cost of your excess plus the future cost of increased premiums – it may make financial sense not to claim on your policy.
  3. Watch out for unwanted optional extras – the benefit of speaking to insurance providers when you use our service is that they have the experience to advise on you on what cover you actually need and therefore tailor a quote to your requirements, as opposed to you purchasing an off the shelf product with added extras that you won’t ever use. Whatever policy you end up going for, take the time to make sure you are not purchasing unnecessary add-ons.



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