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Introduction To Classic Car Insurance

Whether it’s a Ferrari or a Ford, your classic car is as important to us as it is to you. We understand that as an investment, you need protection that ensures all bases are covered. Classic cars often come with huge sentimental as well as monetary value, and while you can’t put a price on sentimentality, you can compare classic car insurance to find an insurance provider that will best suit your needs!

Here at Quote Goat, you can compare car insurance quotes from leading insurance companies so you can get a quote for your classic car in a matter of minutes. To compare quotes, all you have to do is complete the short form. Specialist insurance providers will then compete for your business and call you back with a quote.

We are committed to providing you with clear and concise information so you have all you need to make the best choice for you, without any unnecessary jargon. Compare classic car insurance today and see if you can save money.

Your classic car insurance needs covered

We understand that classic car insurance can be a bit of a minefield. You want to protect your pride and joy, and each car is as unique as its driver, so it’s important to compare classic car insurance packages in order to find the right deal for you.

Before selecting your insurance, make sure you compare packages that look after you, the driver, and your passengers, as well as your car. Protect your car and everyone inside it with a thorough personal accident package. Get a quote today and rest easy in the knowledge that you’re protected.

Why choose classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is not the same as regular car insurance, but sometimes working out the difference can be a bit of a nightmare. At Quote Goat, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to compare insurance quotes from a number of different leading insurance providers.

Generally speaking, classic car insurance tends to be cheaper than regular car insurance. The primary reason for this is because most insurance providers will assume you drive this car less frequently than your regular car. However, that’s not to say that it need be any less comprehensive than that of your regular car insurance.

The facts about classic car insurance

One of the trickiest factors is assessing the value of your car. It is important that the valuation is correct in order to find the most comprehensive cover at the best rate for you. When you compare classic car insurance, make sure you find a package that matches the accurate valuation of your car. It sounds simple, but it is important to make sure that the insurance package agrees to cover the correct valuation of the car, as opposed to simply just covering the market value, if your car is written off or stolen. Don’t forget that often classic cars will increase in value over the years, so be sure that your insurance policy agrees to review the value cover accordingly.

Another important thing to remember is to check the parts cover. You want to be sure that the insurance package you have chosen agrees to source correct and authentic parts should you need them. Parts that are not in line with your classic car model can of course reduce the value so be sure to check the policy.

If you use your car not just for pleasure but for business as well, such as for wedding hire or motor shows, look out for packages that cover this use when you compare classic car insurance.

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