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The open road at your feet, home comforts at your fingertips; caravanning is one of the best hobbies for getting out and exploring. As with everything we love, we invest a lot of money into a caravan, so it’s important to have the proper protection. Insurance will protect your caravan from unexpected events, from a broken window to caravan theft. Caravan insurance means you can continue adventuring, safe in knowing you’ve covered all eventualities.

Unlike car insurance, you are not legally required to have caravan insurance. However, just because it’s not a legal requirement, that isn’t to say it is not worth getting. Here at Quote Goat, you can compare caravan insurance to get a range of affordable quotes that could suit your requirements and budget – leaving you to go forth and caravan with peace of mind!

Before comparing caravan insurance quotes, it’s important to note that caravans are sometimes already covered by your car insurance policy, so check the size and weight restrictions on your car insurance policy. If your caravan isn’t covered already, why not get a quote and choose a policy that is right for you.

What types of caravan insurance are available?

There are three types of caravan insurance: touring caravan insurance, static caravan insurance, and trailer tent and folding campervan insurance. Compare caravan insurance to cover a range of vehicles, depending on what type of caravan you own, where you’ll be travelling, and who will be driving.

Touring caravans are caravans that you can attach to a car. It’s important to note that any attachment, such as a new tow bar, acts as a modification if you own a touring caravan. Your insurance provider needs to be made aware of this alteration. If you have a touring caravan, it is also worth checking that your driving license allows you to tow your caravan legally. You won’t need to take another test in most cases, but it is always worth checking to be safe.

A car also tows a trailer tent and folding campervan; they’re a hybrid between campervans and tents. Therefore, you need to address some of the same considerations as touring caravans.

As the name suggests, static caravans are caravans that remain in one place, usually in a caravan park.

Things to consider when you compare caravan insurance

So, what do you need to consider when you’re reviewing your quotes? One thing to look out for is what kind of cover the insurance provider offers to use your caravan abroad. If you’re not brave enough to chance the great British weather and fancy going on an adventure abroad with your caravan, check what kind of cover the insurer provides and double check that your desired destination is one of the countries covered by your policy.

When comparing caravan insurance, you should also consider storm damage cover. If you’re unlucky enough to be caught in a storm whilst travelling with your caravan, you’ll want to know that your policy provides full cover to repair any damage. Accidental damage cover is also essential to look out for when comparing caravan insurance.

When searching for caravan insurance be sure to check what sort of contents cover the provider offers, to double check it’s efficient for your items. Usually, your caravan isn’t the only thing you want to insure. Your caravan’s contents also need protecting, from your generator to the spare awning.

Extra points to remember

When you compare caravan insurance, there are some exclusions that you may need to consider. It is always important to check the policy to see what restrictions are in place due to the age of the caravan.

Speedily and easily compare caravan insurance, with no fuss and no jargon. All you need to do is select your policy and get set to head out and enjoy the open road. Bon Voyage!

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