Young Driver Insurance With No Black Box

Are you a young driver looking for a good deal on your insurance but don’t want a black box or a smart box fitted in your car? Who can blame you, the idea of an insurance company being able to track your every movement isn’t appealing!

Quote Goat compare quotes from young driver insurance specialists without the need for a black box.


So if you want to find a quote insurance quote without a black box, get a quote and have a read of the tips below to keep your costs to a minimum.

Other ways to get your insurance down with no black box:

  1. What car do you drive?: If you don’t already have a car then check out this list of cars that are cheap to insure. If you get a car with a low insurance category you will find that you get cheaper quotes even without a smart box. There are a number of reasons for this in the eyes of an insurance company, so if you are in the market for buying a car (new or second hand) check out the list and get a quote.
  2. Get additional qualifications: If you are a young driver then why not have a think about taking an advanced driving course. These courses are pretty quick and help to demonstrate your driving skills.
  3. Use our comparison tool: Quote Goat specialises in comparing insurance quotes with no black box by only working with specialist insurers who want to insure young drivers. These specialist insurers are likely to give you a cheaper quote as it’s what they do. Comparing on other sites is good as they compare the main insurers. So do both and see what is better for you. Quote Goat also has the shortest quote form in the industry so it won’t take up much of your time!
  4. Accurate details in the quote: It may seem obvious but have a think about your annual mileage, where you’ll keep your car and what you’ll use your car for. If you are only going to use your car for 5000 miles a year then make sure you tell the insurer that, rather than just guessing at 10,000.
  5. Alarm fitted and no modifications: If you are looking for a car, then don’t go for one with modifications on it – see lowered suspension and spoiler and think “no”! These modifications, usually done by someone without experience, will add to the cost of your insurance premium. Remember you are trying to keep the cost of your quotes down without having a black box fitted, so make your life easier by picking a car that’s safe and if possible with an alarm and immobiliser fitted.


If you’re ready to get a quote, click the button above and pop in your details, ps it takes just 2 minutes.

Hopefully these tips will help you find a cheap quote, we know insurance is expensive for young drivers, particularly if you don’t want the black box technology, so follow our advice and see if you can save a small fortune.

Michael Foote

Quote Goat's founder and money-saving enthusiast.

Young Driver Insurance With No Black Box

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