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Any driver van insurance is necessary in a number of situations, for example – businesses that rely on multiple employees will require different van drivers for different shifts. If you have a fleet of drivers whom you would want to access your vans anytime, you need to have any driver van insurance. You could also insure a family van which can be accessed by different family members and friends. This is a cost effective way of insuring up to 4 drivers named on one insurance policy. These policies are very similar to standard policies which include different levels of cover such as fire and theft, fully comprehensive etc. The benefits of any driver insurance are worth the cost of this policy.

Some of these benefits are:


Your business is made flexible by providing a range of people who can drive your vans. This means that if one of the drivers is unavailable, another driver can step in to complete the required job. This will definitely save you time, money and inconvenience.


Having separate policies for individual drivers requires extra paperwork in case of a change of driver. Having any driver van insurance will therefore save you the trouble and hassle of sourcing for particular vehicles insurance for individual drivers.

Cost reduction

The cost of having any driver van insurance can be significantly lowered compared to individual policies. This is made possible if key factors such as age are considered before getting a premium.

Factors that affect the cost of a van insurance any driver policy include:


Insurance policies on younger van drivers tend to cost a lot higher than older drivers. This is same for a van insurance any driver policy for drivers under 25 years. This is because statistically, younger drivers are considered less experienced and are likely to cause tragic accidents more than older drivers. It is therefore certain that if you include any driver under 21 years in your policy the price would be higher. It is cheaper to have van drivers over 25 or 30 years in one policy while getting separate policies for younger workers.

Commercial or domestic use

This policy is cheaper with vans for domestic use than those for commercial use. Commercial vans are the ones used to transport other people’s goods for payment or your own goods from your base. These vans are considered to be at high risk of damage because they are on work sites and roads most of the time. This exposes them to frequent wear and tear. They also incur the additional cost of insuring the goods they transport. The type of policy cover taken on these commercial vans is known as haulage/hire and reward cover. It is expensive compared to just domestic use.

Size and weight of the van

Heavier vans have high premiums compared to smaller vans. This is down to a number of risk factors including the fact that insurers consider large heavy vans harder to drive compared to small light vans. Similarly, these large heavy vans are at increased risks of accident and will therefore increase premiums.

How to reduce premium costs

If you compare quotes from different insurance companies, the cost of getting any driver van insurance seems high. However, you can lower the premiums through different ways:

Increasing the security of your van

Your premiums will most likely come down if you look at and improve any factors that will make your van more secure. If you are able to put in security alarms and immobiliser systems in your vans, premiums will be cheaper. Similarly, vans kept in a garage overnight are safer than the ones packed by the road side. This is obviously appealing to the insurer and will therefore reduce your premiums.

Paying a larger voluntary excess

Apart from a mandatory excess that should be paid on all vehicle policies, you can pay an excess of each claim. This portion of your claim you choose to pay can lead to lower premiums. However, you should set an amount that you can afford as every claim will result in your paying the excess prior to the insurance company paying out.

In conclusion, any driver van insurance should not be misinterpreted to mean all drivers. It is therefore important that any driver you consider to have access to your van must be registered under that policy. It is important to consider quotes from different insurers to help you choose the one that suites your needs and budget.

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