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How To Find Cheap Van Insurance For Under 25’s

When you apply for insurance for your van, one of the first things to be considered would be your age. Age is a big factor in helping decide how easily you get insurance or how much you pay as a premium. Typically, the van insurance premiums for young drivers tend to be on the higher side. This is because young drivers of vans are seen as a high risk group.

Why young drivers are seen as a riskier group –

Young drivers, it has been seen, as a group are involved in higher numbers of accidents. Studies have shown that teenage drivers and van drivers under 25 are far more likely to have an accident than drivers in their 40s, that likelihood of an accident increases if you look at van drivers under 21 years old. Among people with recently obtained licenses, a huge majority consists of the young. And this group is also more involved in accidents, typically within the first few months of getting a license.

To ensure more security for themselves, insurers tend to quote higher insurance rates for young drivers.

Can you find cheap insurance?

Finding a good deal is possible, however, before looking for insurance, here are some steps to help keep costs down.

Invest in security

You could look at options such as safe parking for your van, in a garage or elsewhere to prevent theft. Using the best anti theft measures would assure insurers that you are not reckless with your van and this lowers insurance rates.

Choose smaller vehicles

Smaller vehicles attract less insurance premiums. There is a reason small vehicles attract less insurance premium – they are seen as less prone to accidents. Vehicles that offer more engine power and speed are more likely to be in an accident. Also, these vehicles are more likely to be expensive, costing the insurance company a lot of money in repair and replacement and other bills. Also, a larger more expensive vehicle is more likely to come to the attention of car thieves. So, no matter what your actual preferences, try to choose a smaller van. This will keep the insurance rates low when you are looking for cheap van insurance for young drivers.

Don’t accessorise too much 

If you are using too many accessories such as nice looking but dubiously unsafe wheels and tinted glasses, you could end up heightening the insurance premium on the vehicle. Ideally, the more modest appearing your van, the less you pay as premium, this makes a big difference for people wanting cheap van insurance for under 25.

Choose all in one insurance

Many insurance schemes offer different types of cover, not just accident cover, but on road service and assistance after theft. These could help you get better service from your insurance plan.

Drive carefully

This is an obvious rule. The more careful you are on the roads, the less chances you have of being in an accident. If you can prove you are a careful driver, by not claiming insurance for a few months, then insurance rates are likely to be cheaper for you in the longer term, as insurers will see you as a lower risk. This will drive down insurance rates.

Practice safe driving

You could boost your driving skills by undergoing additional courses. At the end of the course, you get a certification. The certification would imply that you have additional skills as a driver and this could make insurers see you as less of a risk factor. This certification will help you receive insurance at lesser rates.

Invest in an older car

If your car is slightly old, then you might be paying less on insurance. This is because thieves tend to go for the latest models and newest cars. An older vehicle would not be a target for thieves in general. You can receive low cost insurance if you go for older cars, especially if you are among those looking for cheap van insurance for young drivers.

List your occupation

If you are looking for van insurance one of the factors that count would be your occupation. Some occupations are seen as higher risk, in terms of the accidents caused and other factors. You could be among those whose occupation makes you less of a risk. Also the amount of time you spend on the roads is an important factor. The less your occupation makes you stay on roads, the less chances of an accident, and thus, lesser the risk.

Of course! However, insurance for a 17 year old is going to cost more than if you were older, with experience of driving and no points on your license.

As a young driver your van insurance will be higher but the good news is that you can still be insured. To find out how much it will cost you need to get a quote using the form above. Every quotes varies depending on your exact circumstances including age, location, record vehicle type and insurance category and so on.