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Taxi Insurance

Gathering quotes can be time-consuming, particularly if you want to speak to multiple insurance brokers to try and find a better deal. Save time with Quote Goat by submitting your details to a panel of taxi insurance providers.

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Uber Insurance

If you drive with Uber or any other ride-hailing app, you can compare multiple quotes in one go from a panel of taxi insurance specialists.

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Taxi Fleet Insurance

As the owner of a taxi fleet, see if you can save time and money with an insurance policy that covers your fleet of vehicles, including taxis, buses and people carriers.

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Black Box Taxi Insurance

Black boxes can help reduce the cost of insurance policies for all vehicles including taxis. Arrange a quote for taxi insurance and how if a black box could reduce your policy costs.

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Taxi Insurance For New Badge Holders

If you are starting your career as a taxi driver, or you are considered a young taxi driver, compare quotes from a panel of taxi insurance providers that can offer competitively priced cover for inexperienced taxi drivers.

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Other Guides & Articles

Private Hire Vs Black Cab – Which Pays the Most?

If you’re considering becoming a taxi driver, it’s logical to assume you’ll want to make as much money as possible while you’re out on the road. While there may be other aspects of the job you find appealing, when all’s said and done your main concern is likely to be the amount of money that

what is included with taxi insurance

4 Things Your Taxi Insurance Should Include

As the old saying goes, cheaper doesn’t always mean better and this is certainly true when it comes to taxi insurance. While we all love a bargain from time to time, more often than not those rock-bottom policies you find are extremely basic, meaning you won’t be entitled to many of the benefits you’d receive

better fuel consumption for taxi drivers

Tips for Cutting Costs of Fuel for Taxi Drivers

It’s no secret that this year’s been a tough one for everyone in the taxi driving industry. As lockdowns and restrictions have forced businesses to shut up shop, custom has all but dried up, meaning many taxi drivers are currently facing serious financial hardship. Although the news that a vaccine is close has given hope

what insurance do i need

Which Type of Taxi Insurance Do You Need?

In the UK, all motorists are required by law to have insurance cover. This means that if you’re involved in an accident then you’ll be covered for any damage you cause to other vehicles.  If you’re found to be driving without insurance, then the consequences can be severe. Taxi drivers are also legally-bound to have

tips from customers for taxis

How Taxi Drivers Can Make Sure Their Customers Tip

It’s fair to say we’ve all had a pretty rough year, but if you’re a taxi driver then you’re probably feeling the pinch more than most at the minute, with restrictions and business closures taking away much of your usual custom. Although tips have always been essential for taxi drivers wishing to make a good

hiring a taxi advice

5 Things Customers Expect When Hiring a Taxi

 When it comes to hiring a taxi, there’s a certain level of service we all expect. While most *people using your taxi won’t require the red-carpet treatment, customers who are paying for your services are entitled to expect a certain level of professionalism. When driving a taxi, if you don’t meet the basic expectations of

4 Reasons Taxi Drivers Should Consider a Card Reader

Paying for goods or services by digital means has never been more popular or widespread than it is today. In fact, with Covid still on the rampage across the globe, in many establishments cash payments aren’t currently permitted, meaning it’s actually obligatory to pay with your credit or debit card. A lot of taxi drivers

cost of becoming a taxi driver

Cost of Becoming a Taxi Driver

So, you’re considering becoming a taxi driver, but you’re slightly concerned about how much it’ll cost to get yourself on the road. Well, the bad news is, with licence fees, tests and taxi insurance, it’s probably not going to be cheap. It can cost a considerable amount of money if you want to do everything

taxi for disabled people

How Can Taxi Drivers Help Disabled Passengers

As a taxi driver, you’re providing a service to your customers. Although you’re not exactly expected to roll out the red carpet, it’s generally assumed that a taxi driver should be punctual, show a friendly attitude and communicate with the passenger whenever necessary. In some cases, as a taxi driver you may required to go

dealing with difficult taxi passengers

Taxi Driving: 5 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Passengers

As a taxi driver, the vast majority of your jobs will be hassle-free and without incident. However, unfortunately, every so often you may encounter a passenger who’s being uncooperative. Whether your customer is refusing to pay the correct fare, or you’ve picked up someone who’s being aggressive after one too many drinks, knowing how to

Mistakes to Avoid When Becoming a Taxi Driver

Venturing down a new career path can be an exciting time. But while it may be easy to build up a head of steam and dive right in, there are some thing you need to remember when you’re about to start a new job as a taxi driver. As well as choosing the correct vehicle,

Why you Should Never Auto-Renew your Taxi Insurance

For most of us, comparing insurance quotes when our premium is up for renewal has become the norm. But despite the growth in popularity of comparison sites, there’s still a surprisingly high number of people who simply allow their policy to automatically renew with their current provider, rather than scouring the market for better alternatives.

6 Things to Remember When Comparing Taxi Insurance

With insurance costs on the rise, it’s never been more important to make sure you’re getting the right cover at the best price possible. When providing a quote, insurers take into account a multitude of factors, and while some are pretty straight forward, others aren’t so obvious. To make sure you get the best cover for the lowest price around,

How to find the cheapest taxi insurance?

If you compare the average driver alongside a taxi driver there are some very noticeable differences; these differences include the amount of time that each driver spends in their vehicle, the number of miles driven per week and the dangers that pose a risk to each. Both taxi drivers and regular car drivers require insurance

Save on taxi insurance with these safer driving tips

Safe driving techniques are the best way for improving yours and your passenger’s safety when driving on UK roads, but there is also an added bonus – saving you money on your taxi insurance. By following safer driving precautions you will be much less likely to be involved in an accident and as a result,

How Insurance benefits Taxi Drivers?

Insurance is a requirement for all taxi drivers to operate on UK roads. This is not just to protect the drivers and their vehicles in the event of an accident, like generic car insurance is, it also helps protect passengers when travelling in the vehicles, as well as providing cover for more unusual situations that

How to become insured as a new taxi driver

Being a taxi driver is a rewarding career and a sought after form of employment for a huge number of people who want a better work-life balance, like a customer faced form of work and who love to be behind the wheel. Becoming a taxi driver for the first time has never been easier; with

Keeping taxi drivers safe during COVID-19: what are the rules?

In the midst of the lockdown due to COVID-19 across the UK, Taxi services have resumed their services to assist essential workers and make sure those that need to work are able to get to their destinations. The Department of Transport as issued guidance on how to help prevent the spread of the virus amongst

Taxi drivers and dash cams: which are the best?

For taxi drivers, the dash cam is now one of the most essential tools. Not only are they are a useful tool for insurance companies to identify who was in the wrong during an incident they will also record any incident within the car, too. Dashcams have been proven to make taxi users feel more

What type of insurance do I need to drive a taxi?

There is a huge range of different taxi insurance policies available that can cover everyone from a new driver just staring out to a seasoned taxi driver with years of experience. Regular car insurance policies aren’t enough to cover you if you drive a taxi for a living. You can’t rely on your usual car

second hand or buy taxi

Should I Buy A New Or Second Hand Taxi?

Whether you’re a new taxi badge holder or an experienced driver, you’re going to be faced with the decision of whether to buy a new taxi or a second hand vehicle. Whatever you decide can make a significant difference to your income so it pays to do your research and some basic maths. Fuel Consumption

cheap minicab insurance

Minicab Insurance

Are you looking for insurance as a minicab driver or as the owner of a private hire firm? We help drivers find cheaper deals on their insurance by comparing quotes from leading taxi insurance providers. Please use the quote button to get a quote or read on for further information. What are Minicabs? Minicabs or

taxi industry statistics

The Taxi Industry In Figures

Using the most recent Government statistics available, we have extracted some of the key facts around licensed taxi and private hire vehicles in the England & Wales, which we believe will be of interest to those within the taxi industry. Top 10 Licensing Authorities with the most taxis (last updated on 25th September 2019, showing

safety tips for taxi drivers

Safety Tips For Taxi Drivers

A taxi driver is a unique job with a rare set off hazards to face. Taxi drivers deal with a large number of strangers on a daily basis and some of those they will be driving around will be intoxicated from a night on the town, leading them to act differently than they normally would.

avoid road traffic collisions taxi drivers

How to avoid road traffic collisions as a taxi driver

Even though the government figures demonstrate that now is the safest time to drive on UK roads, with the least annual road traffic deaths occurring since records began in 1926, it is still important that taxi drivers do everything they can to ensure that these roads remain the safest in the world. Even though UK

taxi insurance covid 19

Does taxi insurance protect drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Although the coronavirus pandemic has led the majority of the UK’s workforce to set up shop from the comfort of their home, there are many workers where the option of remote working simply isn’t viable. Among this number are the country’s cabbies, be that public hire or private hire such as minicabs. While their fares

liverpool taxi insurance

Liverpool Taxi Insurance

Compare Taxi Insurance In Liverpool If you are a public hire or private hire driver, or taxi firm, operating in or around Liverpool, it pays to compare taxi insurance quotes with Quote Goat. Use our site to compare quotes from a panel of leading taxi insurance specialists and let insurance providers compete to provide you

what are the top driving offences for taxis

Top Taxi Driving Offences In 2018

Taxi drivers must follow the rules of the road just like any other driver, but there are a few more rules that they need to abide by in order to stay legal when giving people lifts. Penalty points apply to taxi drivers the same as any driver, but these points could have a serious impact

compare taxi insurance quotes

Top Tips To Reduce Your Taxi Insurance Costs

Taxi drivers are responsible for the safety of a large number of people on a daily basis and are out on the roads for extended periods of time. Because of these reasons, taxi insurance is often more expensive than conventional driver’s insurance. Taxi drivers are well qualified and very experienced drivers, so why is it

what is covered in a taxi insurance policy

What Does A Taxi Insurance Policy Cover?

In a similar way to car insurance, each taxi insurance policy can vary depending on the vehicle and the insurance provider. Therefore, it is important that taxi drivers have a basic understanding of taxi insurance as they search for a policy, which may seem particularly daunting for new taxi badge holders. However, for those that

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